Food for thought…Asking why

asking why

“The Lord was with Joseph so that he prospered.” Genesis 39:2

As I sat last night and read the Bible to my kiddos, I read them the story of Joseph.  Joseph’s father loved him and his brother’s resented him.  He was sold as a slave in Egypt, and became one Pharoah’s best workers.  Then, Potiphar’s wife tries to seduce him, he refuses, she lies about him and he ends up in jail.  But wait, there is hope in prison, Pharoah’s cupbearer has a dream that Joseph interprets.  The cupbearer is going to be released and his job for Pharoah will be restored.  He promises to put in a good word for Joseph in order to get him out of prison…but he forgets!!! Thanks Mr. Cupbearer!  Two years later, he finally remembers. 

As I read this to my kids, my son said “but mom why did all those bad things happen to Joseph?” And so I thought, and I began to wonder the same thing.  Why? Why would such a righteous man who obeyed God have to go through such turmoil in his life?

Joseph was faithful in all that he was called to do.  Why? Because he understood and faithfully believed that God was in control of his life.  As a slave he was promoted because of his hard work in his calling.  As a prisoner, God blessed him and he was still a faithful, righteous man, so he was promoted and was in charge of all those in the prison.  As he interpreted Pharoah’s dreams, he was placed in charge of Egypt.  You see, Joseph was faithful wherever he was at, and so God blessed him in all of his circumstances.

Often times we undergo stressful, trying circumstances and we ask God why.  Rather than questioning God, be faithful, be fruitful, and set your eyes upon Jesus in all of your circumstances and He in return will bless you as he did Joseph.

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