Food For Thought….Be Patient With All


“Comfort the fainthearted, uphold the weak, be patient with all.” 1 Thess. 5:14

This scripture is not merely an act of kindness, but a lifestyle to live.  It teaches us a character trait that needs to be lived out and manifested in our lives and our actions. 

Meeting the needs of others and upholding them requires sacrifice, it is something that does not come naturally to us, but it stems from a love that God places in our lives toward one another. 

Recently, a young girl asked if she could meet with me for counseling.  After we met one time, I talked and prayed with her.  I recognized that in her request of meeting with me, she was crying out for help.  She was fainthearted, weak.  God challenged me not to just meet with her one time, but rather get involved in her life.  Call her, pray with her, text her often.  Yes, it requires sacrifice of my time, but God challenges us to love as He loved.  Sacrificially. 

Sacrifice, just as this scripture teaches, requires patience.  We have all had people in our lives that are high maintenance.  But as an ambassador of Jesus, a representation of who He is, we must act as He acted. He didnt forsake people, He didnt lose His temper, He didnt avoid people, He showed no partiality in His love.  I want to love like that.  I want to encourage, uphold, and have compassion on the weak.  In my time of weakness, I pray that others will have compassion on me.

Since my first counseling talk with this young girl, she has grown to be a great friend, someone who I enjoy spending time with.  I look forward to our counseling meetings, I look forward to sending her text messages, talking to her.  God has given me a love towards this young girl that makes me want to see her walk with Jesus, and overcome her circumstances.  It may take longer than I had hoped, but God is teaching me to be patient with her, love her, and encourage her.  

That is how God’s body needs to function.  A couple of weeks ago, a woman in our church body lost her husband to cancer.  Seeing other believers come along side of her during her trial, pick up all of the loose ends, and intercede on her behalf was such a beautiful thing.  It showed how a healthy body of believers should work.  

Ladies, take time for the fainthearted, because you will be fainthearted at times.   Be patient with all, and be a representation of who Jesus is.  I pray that we can love others as He loves, with no partiality, with patience, and grace. 

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