Food for thought…by His power


There are some authors that once I start reading I have a hard time putting them down. I have to make myself put the book down and take it in by small amounts so that I make sure I thoroughly digest it. I don’t want to just read it and be moved for a moment but not changed. The Word of God is one such a book.

I had been in Nehemiah. I went to go and read where I left off but felt a check to read where I was a few nights ago. As I did, a chapter caught my attention, that made a particular verse stick out all the more. Chapter three lists those who worked on the wall,…literally. It’s a who’s who of who was next to who! Read it and see if you get it too. The verse it drew me to was in the following chapter. We go now to  Nehemiah 4:6 “So built we the wall; and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof: for the people had a mind to work.” What an obvious thought. You get accomplished what you set your mind to. Just thinking out loud here,…have you ever been frustrated with your lack of success, results, or the like? It is quite possible that you have not had a mind to work? Confession time. There are some days that no I have not lived up to my potential. It bothers me. I know I have more to give. Why leave something in the tank?! Give it and give it now. These people accomplished this amazing task because they had a mind to work and God was with them. Lord, we ask that you renew our minds. Break us of laziness. Birth in us a vision and a drive to see this nation won.

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