Food for thought…come out and be seperate

be seperate from the world

“Come out from among them and be separate.” 2 Corinthains 6:17

As Christians, the Bible is very clear about being separate from the world.  Yes, we live in the world and amongst unbelievers, but we are still called to be separate.  Remember that we are just pilgrims here, passing through for a short time.  Because this is not our home, we must not set our hearts on the things of this life.  Sometimes we get off track and we lose focus on what our purpose is here.  Be separate ladies, its not always the easiest path, but it’s where the rewards are found.


1) In our lifestyle– I had a family friend who taught a college bible study and felt that God was calling him into bars to minister to unsaved people (red flag) so he started out faithfully trying to minister there.  A short period of time went by and he started drinking at the bars with the people he was trying to minister to.  It finally ended with him having an affair with a woman he met while he was “ministering” to people at a bar.  He and his wife are now divorced and I am no longer in contact with either of them, I pray that maybe they have repented and turned back to the Lord.  My point is this….your lifestyle should be separate from those that you are trying to minister to.  God freed us from the bondage of sin, we must not return to it.  The example to unbelievers should be that there is something different about you, that you don’t do the same things that they do, that you don’t sin along side them.  Light has no fellowship with darkness.  The way that you live your life should be pointing people to Jesus.

2) In our marriages– We are not to be unequally yoked in our marriages.  I know Christian women that married an unbeliever while they were also an unbeliever. One spouse then became a Christian. In this case, the Bible says to win your spouse by your chaste conduct.  Be an example to your unsaved spouse in every way.  If you are married to a believer, then make sure you and your spouse are spending time together in God’s Word, praying together, and ministering together.  Ladies, joyfully submit to your husbands.  A friend of mine and her spouse have a great marriage, they have an unsaved friend that has been married quite a few times with no success.  He started coming to church because he saw something different in their marriage, and saw how much they loved each other. They set a beautiful example for him of God’s love.  Let your marriage be a testimony, be faithful to your spouse in every way.

3)In our dress– You should not look like the people that you see in the mall.  Your body was made for your spouse, and it should be covered, only to be seen by your spouse.  Obviously none of us want to look like a frumpy woman that doesn’t present herself nicely, but don’t draw attention to yourself with how you dress.  Men should not be looking twice at you.  For all you single ladies… if they do look twice, they aren’t the kind of man you want to marry. I have never figured out the purpose of tight clothing.  For starters its uncomfortable, and I cant think of ANY reason to wear something super tight UNLESS you want someone to see the shape of your body, and no one except your spouse needs to see the shape of your body.  When people see me, I want them to immediately think that I love Jesus, not what my body looks like because I am showing too much of it.  Keep yourselves modest ladies,  not one of us will ever be able to stand before the Lord and have any excuse for being immodest, because we have no excuse for it.

4)In our speech-Do you talk the same way around people from church as you do your unsaved friends? Before I really started my walk as a Christian, I still always went to church, I had not yet surrendered my life to Christ.  I talked to people at church a certain way and then I talked to my unsaved friends a different way.  Your speech should be different from the world.  Profanity, slander, gossip, lying, these are all things that as a believer we should have surrendered to Jesus and never turned back to again.  Fitting in with unbelievers in how you talk isn’t winning anyone to Christ, and winning people to Christ is why we are here, right?

5) In our goals and aspirations-My dad is not a believer (yet) and he asked me not too long ago what my goals were.  I responded by saying “what do you mean?” He looked at me funny.  He said I mean like what do want in your life, what are your dreams? I said “I don’t know, what are yours?” He said he wanted to get a new trailer for his tractors, and build a new barn at his house.  Then he waited for my response and I said “I just want to follow Jesus, my rewards and dreams aren’t in this life”.  He of course rolled his eyes.  It is not wrong to have goals, but it is wrong to focus so much on your goals, that you are no longer focused on Jesus.  It is wrong to set your heart on your goals down here, and not on the things above.  Where a man’s treasure is, there is heart is also.  I want to set my heart upon the one who have given me everything that I have because He is worthy of it. Isn’t He?

Ladies, we have one chance here, one chance to be different, once chance to shine for the Lord, once chance to live a life for Him.  I want to know that I was so separate from the world that people wondered why.  Let your life prove God’s love to people.



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  1. oh my gosh, Marissa……..this is SO good…….thank you!

  2. Mary Lee says:

    This really blessed me, Marissa. God has gifted you to share with us. Thanks for being faithful.

  3. As a near neighbor on Essential Fridays, I am so grateful to have read this post. You are so right on with each and every point here. I lift my hands in praise for the reminders of who we are and how we are to be in this world. As sojourners, as set apart for God, in 1 Peter, verse 16, God tells us through Peter “…since it is written, you shall be holy, for I am holy.” Set apart.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  4. Well written!