Food for thought…..Continue in My love


We all say I love you in many forms. In turn, it’s reception is received differently as well. While when someone says “I love you” and indeed it may be genuine the person to whom it is spoke must believe that it is true. Not only in the way of words but also the person whom is delivering it. We have love for those around us, our family and those who are our friends. Yet, one thing remains,….have we love for ourself?

I’m not talking about the self centered love that is defeating. No, a more honest realization of who you are in Christ. As His creation you are loved. You are valued. You have meaning. I woke early this morning and began to read and consider some things. If we know in our minds that we are loved is one thing and if we embrace it to our being is another. Once you drink in your soul, if I may, the true love with which you are loved your life cannot be the same. You must believe that you are loved. For many years I wrestled over the thought of whether or not God even really loved me. I struggled with the enormity of not being able to be loved or adequately and honesty receive the love the Lord so deeply wished to give me. My soul was a sieve. The love of God flowed through it like water through a colander. It seemed I would never be full, happy or content. Moments of Gods love would be evident to me but a life of His absolute and abounding love never really reached me until this morning. I lay in my bed asking Him this morning “do you love me Lord? Do I truly love you? Where is my heart? What is there for me?” For hours I just read His word. Page after page after page filled with His words to you, to me, to a world yet unreached. Our day to day existence can drain the life right out of you at times. We must be attached to a source outside of ourselves if we are to live a victorious life. So, say ‘I love you’ and mean it and if it is spoken back to you receive it! John 15:9 “As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love.”

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