Food for thought…Dealing With Hard People

dealing with hard people

“With loving kindness I have drawn thee” Jeremiah 31:3

Let’s admit it, we all have people in our lives who are hard to deal with.  Whether it be an unsaved spouse, a friend, a boss, a family member, we all can think of at least one person that falls into that category.  How do you deal with them?

We went to the Strong Museum of Play this past weekend.  Let me begin by saying that my kids are not saints.  They have their moments of naughtiness for sure. My kids were having a great time at the museum, but there was one boy that came over to start playing with my kids, and I could tell that they would not “mesh” well together.  He was hyper, screaming, and breaking everything that he came in contact with.  He had a shirt on that said “rebels rule!” That shirt very much described the little boy.  My kids have been taught not to render evil for evil, not to talk back so I watched closely to see how they would interact with this little boy.  As we were visiting the last part of the museum, my kids were building a castle and this boy came over and laid on top of it, they all looked at me wondering what to do or how to react.  They all got up and moved to a different spot so that they could avoid him.  Now, I am happy that they didnt hit him or yell at him, but they responded the same way that we often times respond when someone difficult comes into our lives.

God’s love is what drew people.  His kindness drew sinners.  Often times when difficult people come our way, it’s very much easier to ignore them than it is to show them kindness or love.  I have heard people say that they would rather not talk to or deal with hard people at all so that they “don’t blow their witness for Jesus by yelling at them.”   If that is the case, that we avoid hard people all together, then we need to be begging Jesus for a love for other people, we should be begging Him to extinguish our fiery tempers if we are truly afraid of saying something unloving to them.  We hide behind that excuse in order to make ourselves appear godly.  Ladies, we are not here to do nothing, we are here for the purpose of reaching a world that is desperate and hopeless.  

Do you have an unsaved husband, friend, co-worker, family member that is difficult? Do you know someone who drives you nutty? Guess what, you arent the only one that they are driving nutty.  Your reaction to them should be different.  Draw them with your love, your kindness, your patience, your hope, your grace. They should see something in you that is different than what the world has to offer them.  You are a representative of Jesus, draw people to Him with your love. 




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