Food For Thought…Diligence


Diligence is man’s precious possession. Proverbs 12:27

I am diligent with so many things.  Useless things. Sometimes I’ll find myself spending hours on something and when I am done, I can’t believe how much time I had wasted. 

Let’s look at the definition of Diligence: constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken.

Now Let’s look at the opposite of Diligence: Careless, lazy, or neglectful.

God places specific callings upon each of our lives.  Moms, wives, friends, Christians. Those are the things that I want to be diligent with.  Those are the things that I will give an account to God for.  I will answer to Him as to the type of mom that I was, the type of wife that I was.  I dont want to be careless with those things. 

I asked someone recently what they thought diligence meant.  Her response was “hard work”.  That’s very true.  Read the definition above, a good conclusion from that definition could be hard work.  I believe in our Christian walk that diligence goes far beyond just hard work.  Diligence is a state of our hearts as well.   Diligence is recognizing a goal, and DESIRING to accomplish it.  We should desire to do God’s will.  Faithfully, joyfully, and whole-heartedly.  That is diligence.  Sharing the gospel, cleaning our homes, taking care of our kids out of  obligation is not diligence. Desiring to do those things because we love Jesus and want to serve Him, that is diligence. Do you see the difference? It’s a heart matter that produces the follow through. Diligence should generate from a love for Jesus. 

The things that we love, are the things that we will be diligent with.  They are the things that will take up our time, capture our hearts, and motivate our lives.  I want Jesus to be what i am consumed with.  I want the things that He has called me to do to be the things that I am diligent to accomplish.  I dont want to neglect my relationship with Him, my prayer life with Him or my devotional time in His word.  A heart of love towards our Savior will cultivate diligence in our lives.  

Ladies, what are you diligent with? Are they things that have an eternal purpose? Are they things that God has called you to do?  Are they things that you do because you love God and desire for Him to use your life?  Be diligent about His work and His callings. Let everything else fade away. 


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  1. Courtney says:

    Wow! I need to read this daily! Hourly! Thank you, Marissa!