Food For Thought….Do you love Jesus like you ought to?


If we dont have any major plans on Saturday mornings, we usually end up snuggling up with the kids on the couch and watching movies while I cook up a batch of pancakes.  This week, we played worship songs on YouTube and the kids danced their hearts out.  One of the kid’s worship songs made me stop and ask the kids what they thought.   The lyrics said “Do you love Jesus like you really ought to? Say I do, I do, do” 

I stopped and thought, wow, I am singing that I do love Him the way that I should.  But then I asked myself, Do I really?  How should we love Him? 

The Bible tells us that we should “love the Lord our God with all our heart, all our soul, all our mind, and all our strength”  The love that we have toward God in our hearts will radiate into our lives and determine how we lives our lives.  Think about the things that we sink our time and energy into.  People are looking for things that will bring them happiness, and in part, bring them a sense of fulfillment.  The things that we love are the things that we devote our time to, looking for them to fulfill us.  Think about this scripture “Where a man’s treasure is, there his heart will be also”.  We will love the things that we treasure. The things that we treasure are the things that we spend our time and efforts investing in. 

How do we make God our treasure?  We spend time with Him.  Spending time in God’s word teaches us the character of God.  Spending time in prayer is how our relationship with God will grow.  Consider your closest friendship.  You didnt start out being best friends.  No, you spent time with one another, talked with one another, shared your feelings, your decisions, your life with one another and as a result your friendship grew and grew.  Same with your relationship with God.  The more time you spend with God, the closer you will be with Him, and you will find the fulfillment you are ever so longing for.  “draw near unto God and He will draw near unto you” 

Loving God with all that we are is a result of desiring Him, spending time with Him and devoting ourselves to Him.  He teaches us how to love as He loves, and until then we cannot love Him the way that we should.  I pray that we would fall in love with Him today, and rest in His presence and His grace. 

Here is the Song I was talking about, play it for your kiddos, they’ll love it! Do you Love Jesus?

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