Food For Thought….Does your Happiness Matter?


“Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!” Psalm 34:8

We live in a generation that is consumed with being happy.  Yes, I said consumed.  And I meant consumed. People are completely absorbed with themselves and what makes them happy, what makes their family happy, and what makes their lives happy.  We see marriages ending, children abandoned all in the name of searching for happiness. People end their marriages because they are not “happy” with their spouse.  They give up their children for the sake of “me time” in hopes that their lack of responsibility for their children will produce the happiness they are striving and searching for.  

Now, bear with me.  I am not some type of mom or woman that doesnt want my kids to be happy for the sake of teaching them what life is all about.  My point is rather that I think we have become so consumed with happiness that people are blinded from reality. 

Take for example a christian that I know.  He was bored with his wife and his family.  “Unhappy” if you will.  So instead of striving the be a godly husband and father, this 40-something year old man started going to college towns and hanging out with younger girls. Looking for what? Happiness? Do you think an 18 year old college girl is going to throw away her life to live happily every after with a 40 year old married man with children? Well, actually in the world that we live in, nothing shocks me.  But in reality the answer is NO.  So why would this man even go searching for such a thing? Because he is consumed with his happiness.  Convincing himself that he is deserving of it. Reality, propriety, and faithfulness are sacrificed in the anticipation for (false) happiness. 

Often times we live our lives from one get together to the next.  We cant wait to be entertained. We spend a gazillion dollars a year on eating out, going to movies, going on vacations. Now do I think that those things are wrong?  Absolutely not.  I do each of those things.  My point is not to argue whether or not they are wrong, rather, are they consuming us? Yes, for most people they are! 

I think about people who lived prior to the 1950’s.  Their lives consisted of working, taking care of their homes, their children.  My grandmother didnt go out for movies, they rarely went out to eat, and in her closet she had a work dress and a church dress.  They were not immersed by entertaining themselves and possessing all that they could in anticipation of happiness.  Why? Because it wasnt reality.  They had purpose, they had principles, and hopes.  Those things created a satisfaction that didnt leave them wanting.  Fulfilling God’s call as a wife was what made her happy.  

Here is my point, we are here for a purpose.  When we dont recognize and follow that purpose, we will always be left wanting.  We will be left unahppy, unsatisfied, and discontent. So then we go chasing after some unrealistic dream of happiness that distracts us from our calling as Christians.  Sadly, I believe that many believers are in that position today.  They have sacrificed God’s plans for happiness, and they have been consumed by the American dream.  I am here to tell you this….unless you are walking in God’s plans, true happiness will never be found. The American dream is a nightmare when God is not your first love. 

Ladies, you will find happiness, contentment, and satisfaction when Jesus is your everything and you walk faithfully in the things that He has called you to.  That is your purpose.  Purpose=Happiness.  You wont find it anywhere else, and you will find that looking for it elsewhere will leave you saddened.  Rest in Jesus today, my prayer is that we would be consumed by nothing but Him.


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