Food for thought…Forgetting that which is behind

I read this scripture on Facebook  in honor of New Years yesterday.  To be honest, when I read it, I was comforted.  Comforted because it gives us a feeling of starting fresh. New. Then is was reminded of the verse “His mercies are new every morning”  You see, as we abide in Christ, we rely on Him and we surrender to Him we recognize that our sins are great.  We are a fallen people who are full of iniquities and failures.  Yet in God’s mercy, His grace never subsides.  It’s new every day.  

When people hurt us, lie about us, deceive us, often times we dont forget it.  Forgive yes, but sometimes its hard to forget such deep wounds.  No so with God. Our failures and sins are cast as far as the east is from the west and they are remembered no more.  It’s hard to fathom it because our natural minds cannot understand the depth of God’s love and grace.  

I stunk yesterday.  I failed more times than I can count.  But today, I poured it out at the throne of grace, and I rested in His presence.  New, forgiven, and fresh. Why? Because of His mercy.  It covers us.  Every. Single. Day. I find such comfort in that.  Knowing that nothing that I do makes His love change toward me.  

Every single sin that I have committed is gone, washed away by the precious blood of Jesus, and it is remembered no more.  We now can walk in the light, enter into the presence of God, and rest in His peace.  I cant think of anything better than that.  Often times, when we have to confess something to someone, we get nervous, hesitant because we are intimidated at how they will react.  Not so with the Lord, He already knows our sins.  Yet we get condemned, feeling unworthy of His presence because we are afraid and ashamed to confess.  God wants you.  He wants me.  He is waiting for us to confess our sins before Him because He wants to cover us with His grace and restore us.  

His mercy is new today.  Confess those things that are in your heart, let Him shower you with His love, and put them behind you. Press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. 


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