Food for thought…Get back in your race, and finish well!

finish well

I have been reading this Francis Chan Book called You and Me forever.  I just finished it last night, it has been life changing.  There are so many good parts I could write about.  One particular part that he wrote stuck out to me as I finished reading last night….

“I was told by a marathon runner that you should try to run the second half of the race faster than the first.  And once the finish line is in sight, many runners sprint.  They use up every ounce of energy they have left because they know they can collapse once they break the tape.

I want to run my life in the same manner.  I want the second half to be stronger than the first.  In America, the norm is to do the opposite: do radical things for Christ when you are 18-25, then slow down once you are married.  When you have children, your service to Jesus slows to a crawl-you have your family to think about.  It’s only a matter of time before you forget you are even in a race.  Instead, you focus on building a home and settling down.

But it doesnt have to be this way, we can run faster as the race goes on.  In our final years, we can sprint, knowing that we can collapse into His arms.” -Francis Chan

Wow, how true.  I surrendered my life to Jesus when I was 21 years old.  I was young in the Lord, but still had a bold and burning desire to follow Him, and serve Him.  I didnt care what people thought as I lost most of the friends that I had.  Then, I got married when I was 22.  My attention shifted from my mission to serve God and preach his gospel, to being a wife.  At age 23 I had my first child, age 24 I had my second child, age 26 my third child, and age 27 my fourth child.  Boy, looking back, my attention sure has shifted.  As it naturally would.  I now have 4 little lives to care for as well as my husband.  So without a doubt, my calling has changed….BUT….my zeal for God doesnt have to.  The desire to finish my race well shouldn’t have changed.   

Crossing that finish line means we will be standing face to face with our Creator, the one who has given us life.   Our entire lives should revolve around anticipation for that day.  All that we do should be based on that very moment.  Our decisions, our directions, all that we are should be done expecting to see Jesus face to face and to hear “well done”.  We get lost in the busyness of our lives, our roles, and our callings.  But we mustn’t forfeit the mission of whole heartedly serving Jesus, and keeping our eyes upon Him. 

I have been lost, sometimes without knowing it.  I have been distracted, preoccupied, distant from my Savior.  The beauty in His grace is that maybe we stopped running our race, maybe we’re lost, maybe we are barely crawling through this life….BUT if you still have breath in your lungs, you can still finish well.   Maybe you’ve stunk until now, but His mercy is new each day.  Ask Him to get you back on track, back in the race, and beg Him to give you a desire to finish well.  It is only through His Holy Spirit working through our lives that we have the ability to finish well.  Let His grace cover you today, and treat it as a new day to get up and starting running your race.  You, dear sister can finish well, and the prize is ahead.

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