Food for thought….God brings the increase

god brings the increase

My husband’s best friend from college just moved into town with his family.  My husband has so many stories to tell about his time at college with his friend, sometimes if I cant sleep I ask him to tell me another story, and they all end with me laughing so hard that my stomach hurts.   They were two young , christian men in a secular college trying to walk with the Lord, but boy, were they bold! Taking any chance they could get to share the gospel message with people.

When he tells me those stories, I often think of when I first got saved.  I had just finished college, and was searching for some type of fulfillment.  I was so lost and wandering in search of some type of happiness that would last. When I got saved, I was on fire for the Lord, I was already bold in the first place but now I had something to be bold about.  I quickly lost every friend that I had, but I didn’t care.  Everywhere I went I was faithful to share God’s word with people.  The cashiers at the supermarket were my victims everyday.  I couldn’t  wait to share with them because they couldn’t get away from me.  Although I was still just a baby in my walk.  I loved to share the Bible, but if someone asked me a question about something in the Bible, I was clueless.

Fast forward ten years.  Here I am now, married with four little boys.  I am happy to make it in and out of the grocery store with no major accidents, let alone ever dare to talk to the cashier for more than a few seconds about anything.  My time in the checkout aisle consists of me picking up all of the candy that the boys drop, putting Benjamin back in the cart as he determinately tries to climb out, flipping over the rotten magazines with half dressed women so that my boys don’t look at them, apologizing for Levi pressing every button on the credit card machine, and saying no at least 5 times as my boys continue to ask me for more candy.  When the cashier hands me that receipt, I feel as though I’ve won a gold medal. Yes! It’s over, and I made it!!!

As I was praying this morning and thinking about all of the opportunities that I used to have to share the gospel prior to being married, I was asking God how I could still be used like that.  I started feeling guilty and condemned that I am not able to go out and preach it to everyone that I come across like I used to. God ministered to my heart that yes, my circumstances and my life have changed…BUT I can still have the fire and zeal for God as I did then.  Then I thought of the scripture “So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase.” 1 Corinthians 3:7.  God is looking for someone that is willing, He does the rest.  All He wants is a vessel that is empty so that He can use it.  I want to be that empty vessel.  I started praying that God would give me open doors to share the gospel with people.    I don’t want to miss opportunities that God has given me to testify of His love and His sacrifice at Calvary.  I am confident that as long as I am willing, God will do the rest.  I may only be able to plant a tiny seed, I may only be able to water a seed that someone else has planted, but God is faithful to bring the increase, and bring sinners to repentance.

So instead of feeling guilty and condemned that I cannot share as much as I used to, I am determined to pray, pray, pray for the hardened hearts of the lost.  I am striving to let my life prove God’s love and grace, and to let my words testify of Him.  I am offering my life to the One who has given me life, and the rest is up to Him.  One thing is for sure….feeling guilty and condemned is not what is going to show sinners God’s love.  To be willing to put our lives in God’s hands and let Him do the rest is when we will start to see open doors to share the truth of redemption with others.  Maybe its your season to plant, maybe its my season to water, but God will always bring the increase.

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  1. Mary Lee Page says:

    Thanks, Marissa – I needed that encouragement!