Food for thought…Going forward

going forward

I look back at when I first started my walk as a Christian.  Things that I am convicted of now did not convict me then.  Things that I used to say, do, watch, the ways I used to act, I would never even think of doing now.  For instance, I am a pastors wife, so I often times get unexpected visitors at my door.  People who want prayer, counseling, a quick hello, a hug.  Often times I have to apologize for being in my pajamas, hair unbrushed, teeth unbrushed, you know, the typical attire of a mother!  I remember when I was pregnant with my first son, I was still a baby in my walk with the Lord, people would come to my house with dinners, baby gifts, to say hello, and I just didnt answer the door.  I didnt feel like talking or entertaining so I just didnt answer.  Hello!! My car was in the driveway, I was home!! But I just didnt feel like answering.  That’s just a small example of the ridiculous things I used to do, but God takes us deeper, gives us discernment, conviction, common sense 🙂 

As I was just reading today, I read in John 3 “He must increase but I must decrease”.  As God increases in our lives, we automatically decrease. Our will, our hopes, our intentions, they all fade away as we set our hearts upon Jesus.  God takes us from glory to glory, he brings us to deeper waters, he causes us to grow and bear fruit.  

Look at your walk today (and be honest) are you closer with the Lord than you were last year, last month, last week? The closer we get to Him, the more we see what wretched sinners we are, He convicts us and molds us into who He wants us to be.  We should be growing, “increasing in the knowledge of God”.  Now lets think about the options here, we are either growing as the Bible calls us to, or we are a mediocre Christian that is just sitting still, or if we are not closer with the Lord than we were last year then we backsliding.  Those are the options.  Two of those options I am scared to death of…..Especially now, when Bible prophecy is unfolding before our very eyes.  Dear sisters, we must allow God to increase in our lives so that we decrease.  That is the key to growing in our walks with God.  As our eyes are fixed upon Him, everything else will grow dim.   

I pray that we start new today, that our focus would be on Jesus alone, that He would increase in our lives more than ever before, and that we would fall so deeply in love with the King of Kings. Fix your eyes upon your Redeemer and let Him take you to places in your walk that you’ve never been!

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