Food for thought…Grace changes things


“Therefore, from now on, we regard no one according to the flesh.” 2 Corinthians 5:16

Not long ago, I met a new woman at church, she was precious.  Newly saved, and on fire for the Lord.  I remember when I was newly saved.  My heart was to follow Jesus, I was head over heels in love with Him, but I had a lot of flaws (I still do).  I look at things I used to do when I first got saved, and I realize how much of a little child I was in my walk.  Over time God molds, shapes, purifies, and convicts us.  He takes us from glory to glory, grows us in our walks, and sets our hearts on fire for Him.  I’m getting off topic……

Anyways, I was telling someone at church about this young woman I met,  and that I was so encouraged by this young woman’s love for Jesus.  The person that I was telling about this then said “yes she does love Jesus, but she still has many faults, she does not treat her husband very well”.  You see that is what this verse means about not knowing each other according to the flesh. I have found that when we hear just one negative thing about a person, it taints our entire view of a person.  Once our view is tainted, everything we hear about a person we point back to that negative view that we have of them.  We then look at the faults, failures, and weaknesses in each others lives.  I think sometime we do this because it makes us feel better about our own faults.

God wants us to see and love each other the way that He loves us.  According to the spirit.   Do I want someone to look at me and think “Marissa loves Jesus…BUT…..she does this, or that?”  No, I would never want anyone to talk or think of me that way, neither would you want someone to think of you that way.

So dear sisters, I ask this….look at eachother with the love and grace of our Savior and we will stop knowing each other for our shortcomings, faults, and sins.  We will start knowing eachother for our fruits, our hearts, and our love.  We can rest assured that whatever measure we judge, it will be judged back to us.  Let us not know each other after the flesh, rather let us know each other by the Spirit. It’s called grace, and it changes everything.

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  1. excellent, Marissa……..thanks!

  2. Mary Lee Page says:

    Very true, Marissa! Thanks!