Food for thought…His thoughts toward us!


I just got back from a camping trip with my kiddos.  We went to jellystone park (I’ll write about my amazing trip later this week).  At the park, the edge of this big pond was filled with sand. It is so kid friendly that my husband and I took turns dozing off and laying in the sand while the kids covered us with sand, and built castles as tall as they could until one of them came a long and knocked it over.   As I was sitting there, I put my feet down, and my son Benjamin was determined to cover my feet with the sand.  I was sitting back  relaxing and when Benjamin thought that I wasn’t paying attention to him, he threw a pile of sand at me and it landed on my lap.  He always throws something at me if he thinks I am not paying attention to him, such a bad habit!  As I picked up the handful of sand, I looked at it for a moment and dropped it back into the water, it caught my attention.  Isn’t it amazing how God gets our attention in such little ways as this.  So I reached down and picked up another handful of sand.  Looking at it, there is no way I could even count all the grains of sand. God brought to my remembrance that His thoughts toward me are as the sand of the sea.  I was on this little manmade beach that is full of sand and I was in awe that God’s thoughts toward me could be as much as the sand on this small beach,  how about His thoughts being as much as all the sand of the sea. Amazing! We serve a God that is ALWAYS thinking of us.

Just think about how much someone must be in love with you, that their thoughts toward you outnumber the sand! That is a love that is greater than life itself, a love that my mind cannot comprehend, and a love that is willing to lay down life for me.  And now, how much do I love Him in return? How much do I think of Him?

“How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them! If I should count them, they are more in number than the sand”  Psalm 139:17-18



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