Food For Thought….Hope


As I was getting ready for church yesterday, I went to the early service because I knew my dad would be coming to church.  He is an early riser and so I knew he would be at the earlier service.  My dad comes to church on Easter and Christmas.  Each year when those Holidays role around, I beg God to save my dad.  I beg Him that my dad’s heart would be softened, that the message of the gospel would not fall on his deaf ears but that his ears would be opened. When he comes, he arrives a half hour early so that he can sit in “his spot.” His spot is all the way in the back, right next to the door. This way he doesn’t have to talk to many people, he’s not seen by many people, and in case he needs to escape the door is quickly accessible. 🙂

Usually, he falls asleep.  Although, this week he didn’t.  The message was about the hope that we have through Jesus and His resurrection on the cross.  As I put my head down closed my eyes during the service and said a quick prayer again that my dad’s ears would be opened, I opened my eyes and say my necklace hanging, on it was that same word that our pastor was saying over and over……Hope. 

That necklace was a reminder of the promise that God gave me years ago that He would save my dad.  Through the dry years of seeing no fruit in his life, no desire to follow God, I began to doubt that promise.  Until now.  God has given me hope that He remains faithful to us even when we are not faithful to Him.  That He loves us, even when we do not love Him.  That He desires us, even when we do not desire Him.  I trust in the promises of God, from His promises we experience hope, peace, joy. 

Jesus said that He would die, BUT that He would rise again on the third day.  He fulfilled that promise.  The tomb was empty, and He ascended into heaven where He is alive forevermore. If He can rise from the dead, heal the sick, save the sinner, then I have a hope and assurance that He will fulfill His promise to save my dad.

I trust that one day our Redeemer will come back for us, and take us to glory with Him where we will be in His presence forever, and reunite with the children of God who have passed on to glory before us.  “looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.”  Ladies, that day is coming soon.  When Jesus will appear in the clouds returning for His bride. May we not doubt it, may we not forget it, may we live our lives in light of it.  A blessed and confident hope in our Savior, life your life in light of eternity and our day of redemption.  Remember His promises ladies, they are sure. 

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