Food for thought…How many times?

how many times

I am stubborn.  I admit it.  Stubborn to the core.  Often times I have to experience something for myself in order to believe it, and even then I am still stubborn.  We have an electrical plug behind our television.  We have a lot of things plugged in back there.  There is a large dresser in front of the plug that our TV sits on.  When the kids want to watch a DVD i need to unplug one of the other devices in order to plug in the DVD player.   Now, dont laugh…..but when I go to plug in the DVD player, being that I cannot really see the socket very well, and I can barely reach it, I put my fingers on the prongs and slide them into the socket.  Do you know what the result of that is? I get zapped! Every. Single. Time.  Don’t you think I would learn not to do that? No, I continue to do it. 

I see the same stubbornness in my kids.  I discipline them for doing something, and they go right back to doing it.  Yesterday, my youngest son Benjamin was laying down watching a movie, and his older brother Levi would crawl over and poke him.  This would result in an ear piercing scream.  I was folding laundry in the next room, and every couple minutes I would hear the scream.  I would discipline him, and he didnt care, he would go in, lay next to him, wait a few minutes and poke him again.  Don’t you think he would learn not to do that? No, he continued to do it.  Just like his momma. I said “Levi, how many times do I need to tell you to stop? I have continually told you to stop but you don’t care”  

I was reminded of the sins, attitudes, and transgressions that God has corrected me in.  Things that I knew were not pleasing to God, yet I continued to do them.  You see, it comes down to this….God tells us that if we love Him, we will obey His commands.  Deciding to continue in our sins is a direct reflection on God’s priority in our lives.  Continuing to ignore the Holy Spirit’s conviction in our lives shows that we value ourselves more than we value God. We are more focused on ourselves than we are on Him.  

Loving God will prompt us to obey God, to listen to His commands, and to turn from our sins.  If you are continually going back to the same sin, ask yourself how much you love Him.

To love him with all your heart, with all your understanding and with all your strength. Mark 12:33 

I pray we would love Him like we never have before!

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