Food for thought…I stand on grace


In Jesus alone, my atonement is known, I stand on grace.
In Jesus the King, my salvation He brings, I stand on grace, stand, I stand on grace.
In Jesus alone, my atonemen is known, I stand on grace.
In Jesus the King, my salvation He brings, I stand on grace.
And Jesus your grace is all that I need, it’s all that i need,.
And grace upon grace is all that I breathe, it’s all that I breathe.

This has become one of my new favorite songs.  We sang at church on Sunday.  As I read the lyrics on Sunday, I was humbled before God.  On my best day, my finest hour, I still fall short.  But the hope that I have rests in the grace of Jesus Christ.  Despite all of my shortcomings, my faults, my failures….the Lord’s agape love toward me doesn’t change.  That is grace.  That is perfect grace. 

The other day, the kids were being absolutely crazy.  Finally, right before bed, I lost my patience and yelled at all of them.  They cried.  They begged me to come back upstairs with them, they cried some more, they didn’t want to go to sleep knowing that I was upset with them.  Later that night as they were sleeping, I went into their bedrooms and tucked them in, and I sighed as I confessed to the Lord that I failed.  But in that moment, the still small voice of my Savior spoke to my heart. Every time I fail, it causes me to depend on Him more.  That is how we decrease and Jesus will increase in our lives.  Recognizing that we need his grace is what will cause us to mature in our relationship with Him.

We must realize that in order for Jesus to increase, we MUST decrease.  We must realize that we are nothing apart from Jesus, and that His great grace and His perfect love is what endures.  The Christian who decreases and realizes that we are unworthy of God, that is the Christian that God wants to pour out His grace upon, that is the Christian that He can use. 

Have you failed as a parent?  Have you fallen short of being a godly wife? Rest assured, we all have! Humbly rest in Jesus and stand on His grace! “For it is by grace you have been saved” Ephesians 2:8

Stand on grace – listen to the song here, you’ll love it.  Have a great day!!

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