Food for thought…I’d be happy if….?


Often times, we tie our happiness to circumstances.  Who we are is not found in circumstantial happiness, it is found in God’s love and grace.  We often think I would be happier if…….I had more money, I was thinner, I had a spouse, I didn’t have a spouse, I had a nicer house, I had a new car, I lived there, I had a different job, etc.  The list of women’s circumstantial happiness thoughts could go on forever.  The reality in it is that we will never be satisfied from those things.  If we are, we will soon be unsatisfied again and merely looking for the next.  This is what circumstantial happiness is.  It is not only empty, but dangerous.

God calls us to be content in whatever state we are in.  After I had my fourth son, I had some extra baby weight to lose 🙂  I started a diet, and thought if I could just get to this weight I would be happy.  So then after working hard dieting, I got to that weight, only to find that I was still unhappy.  So I stayed on the diet and thought ok now if I could just get to this weight, then I’ll be happy.  I was determined.  So I got to that weight only to find that I was still unhappy with it.  So I set my next goal, and my next goal, and my next goal and this became a vicious cycle because it became my focus.  You see, when our eyes are on anything but Jesus, we will never be happy.  I thought I would find happiness in losing weight, I got to the lowest weight I had been since high school but I felt the most unsatisfied that I had ever been.  Why? Because happiness will never be found in our circumstances, it will only be found in fullness in Jesus.

Godliness with contentment is great gain.  The Bible teaches us that that God is the way to lasting happiness and joy.  The outward things that we focus on become small idols in our hearts and in our lives,  but when we fill ourselves with His Word and spend time in His presence, we will have the satisfaction we are longing for.  What about you dear sister, what is it that you are longing for, what is it that you are looking to for happiness?  If your answer is anything but Jesus, you will be disappointed. It is only in His presence that you will find fullness.


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