Food for thought…In deed and in truth


I love my kiddos, I mean absolutely adore them with everything in me.  Sometimes being a mom is hard.  It is hard to juggle the responsibilities of being a mom, a wife, a homemaker, a daughter, a friend, and everything else that falls in between.  Some days I feel like failure as a mother, and I wonder if there is anything I am doing right in my parenting.  Some days I see ZERO fruit in my boys and I feel DEFEATED.

As I read this scripture,  I thought about about how important it is to be an example to them.  They will remember what kind of mom I was.  I remember what kind of mom my own mother was.  I remember special places she used to take us, I remember special treats she used to buy us, I remember conversations that I had with her.  My kids are going to remember what I did with them and what I said to them.  I want them to KNOW without a doubt that I adore them.

I tell my kids that I love them all the time, sometime I probably drive them nuts because I am always grabbing them and hugging them, telling them how much I love them.  My mom rarely told us that she loved us, but I knew it in how she treated us, the things she did for us, how she cared for us.  She loved in her actions.  That is what this verse is telling us.  Love in your actions.  Dont let your love be merely a lip service to God and to others.  Let our love demonstrate His love.  

“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends”  we saw the greatest example of love when Jesus laid down his life for sinners.   It was an action.  He didnt just say I love you and you are forgiven, no He took action.  He was beaten, mocked, scorned, and hung on a cross to die.  Laying down His life for you and I, there is no greater love than this.  

Ladies, we are called to represent Him, to love as He loves.  His love was not in mere words.  I pray that your life and mine would illustrate Christ as we love others unconditionally, that we would put others above ourselves, and that our children see in our actions how much we love them as well as our Savior.  Put your love into action! It was His action of sacrificial love that has given you life and redemption.  His love went far deeper than we know, I pray that our love will go far deeper than we have ever experienced. 

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