Food for thought…Is it Good for You?


Often times we can get busy about things that are not necessarily bad things.  Things such as serving at church, helping someone, making meals for people. We assume that because those are all “good” things, that we are in God’s perfect will. 

As I was at school yesterday, we ordered chicken fingers to use for chicken wraps for the students lunches.  There were some leftover so I ate one.  Oh, my, delicious.  They were honestly the most delicious chicken fingers I had ever tasted.  I was joking with one of the lunch ladies and I told her that because its chicken you think that you are eating something healthy, but in reality it wasn’t.  They were deep fried chicken and they were juicy (or should I say greasy).  Although it seemed like such a “good” and healthy thing to eat. 

That is what can happen in our walks as believers, we do things that we assume are good for us, and from the outside they look good, but being outside of God’s will leaves us empty, broken, and worn down.   There are times that I offer to serve in some capacity and I don’t even pray about it, I just agree to do it.  I get so overloaded with things and then I have to stop and ask God if it was His will because I am so tired, weary, and miserable doing it. 

This can also happen in our relationships.  We assume that a relationship is healthy because it is with another believer.  But we fail to recognize that some relationships diminish our walks with God.  It is an unfortunate thing.  I have known ladies who have cut off their relationships with other people who call themselves believers who walk disorderly.  It caused the person to grow in their walk with God. Even though outwardly it seemed to be a healthy relationship, inwardly it was not. 

Ladies, know the tactics of our enemy.  He will always make things look good from the outside.  He will always lure us, bribe, flatter us into thinking that something is good for us.  We must ask God to bring in and remove the things that he wants and doesn’t want in our lives.  “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” God knows what we need in our lives, He knows what will cause us to grow, He knows what will harm us.  We must trust that God knows what’s best for us.  Maybe something that looks good to us on the outward will inwardly harm us.  Thankfully, we have a loving Heavenly Father who watches over us because He loves us, desires to use us, and cause us to grow. 

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