Food for thought…Keep my flame burning


“You Lord keep my flame burning” Psalm 18:28

All summer I look forward to the first fire that we start in our fireplace.  I absolutely love to sit in front of the fire with my kiddos and snuggle up.  After the first week of using the fireplace, the nostalgia of it disappears, then I cant wait for summer to return so that we don’t have to load wood on the fire everyday. 

My husband always laughs because I am not “gifted” in tending the fire.  By the middle of the day it is usually almost out, and then I have to find some papers and sticks to get it going again, all the while I am contemplating why we don’t just turn the furnace on.  He often laughs at my efforts to get the fire going again, at times he will come home to a bunch of papers stuffed and smoldering in the fireplace.  This morning it was a tad bit cold in my house (to say the least) so I immediately threw a couple logs into the fireplace.  After about 10 minutes I checked to see if they caught fire, nope, not at all.  They weren’t even smoking.  I opened the doors to look at the sorry excuse for a fire that I tried to start, and all that I saw were some red embers with a log on top of them.  So I took the fire stick and poked the embers, moved them around, shook them up and guess what? The log began to smoke and eventually lit on fire.  Why was my fire out? Because no one took care of it during the night.

It reminded me of my life as a Christian, you see, often times our flame starts to burn low, it starts to go out, grow cold.  Apart from Jesus coming in and stirring us up, our fire cannot burn.  Apart from abiding in Him, our flame begins to grow dim.  But here is the beautiful thing, He wants to keep us lit, He wants a fire in our souls to burn out of control for Him.  When we don’t allow Him to shake up those coals, to tend to us, to disciple us, we cant continue to grow in our walks. Therefore, when we abide in Him, He will continue to mold us, stir our hearts, and keep us burning.  My prayer is that He sets a fire within me that burns bright, that burns out of control, and never grows dim. 

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