Food for thought…Kindness that leads to repentance



Growing up, my dad was not saved, but my mom faithfully told everyone that walked in the front door of our house about Jesus.  If my friends wanted to get together, I always suggested going to their house because I knew what they would have coming if they stepped foot in the door at my house.  As a teenager, I walked away from the Lord.  I believed the truth since the time that I was young, but I had not surrender my life over to Jesus.  I was a rebellious teenager, and I grudgingly went to church every week with my mom, but I never paid attention.  Almost every week I would fall asleep.  But my dear mom faithfully woke us up every Sunday, and made us go.

My mom adored us kids, and I have yet to experience the rebellious teenager stage with my own boys, but I cant imagine how my mom got any sleep at night knowing all of the trouble that we were getting into.  Being an Italian, she never hesitated to open her mouth and tell us either.  I knew the truth, but I didn’t want to give up the perfect life that I thought I had going for me.  I hated my mom nagging me, I hated that she would tell my friends about Jesus, and I especially hated going to church on Sundays because it really put a damper on my Saturday night events.  My mom would always say “Marissa, when are you going to stop being a heathen?” I laugh as I write this because I can still hear her muttering those words. Every. Single. Week.

I have no doubt that my mom laid the foundation for my walk with Jesus.  She taught us from a young age, when we grew older and walked away, and she nagged us to come back, and when I finally did surrender, she poured into me.  I am forever thankful for that.

But what drew me to the Lord was my dear sweet friend Renee.  We worked together for almost 2 years.  The first year I was not saved, and so I hated working with her.  I hated hearing her stories about God, and I hated that she didn’t work on Sundays, I hated that she listened to Christian music.  But there was something about her that drew me to her.   We worked at a collection office.  Most people there were not saved, and calling people on the phone all day to collect money.  I am sure you can imagine how people responded when I called them.  It was Renee’s kindness that drew me.  She was married to a great guy, they had a wonderful marriage, she had faith that could move mountains, and she loved people.  She had what I began to want.  Her kindness drew me in, and it portrayed the character of Jesus to me when I was lost, broken , and bitter.  A few months later I surrendered my life to Jesus.  I remembered reading the scripture “God’s kindness is meant to lead you to repentance” Romans 2:4

I pray that I can represent my Savior as she did by allowing His love, kindness and grace to flow out of me. You never know what lost person around you it might start to affect.

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