Food for thought…laying down our will

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As I was reading a devotional to my kids a few nights ago, it was talking about the prophet Amos.  It said how Amos wanted to be a shepherd but God called him to be a prophet. I began to ask my boys what they wanted to be when they grew up.  My oldest son, Jude, said “I want to be a missionary doctor who goes all over the world to help people”.  My son Jacob, in all seriousness, said “I think I want to be a knight or a pirate”

I began to explain to them that they need to be open to what God has planned for them because following the perfect will of God is where the blessings lie.

Most of the time I have a plan.  I am a multi-tasker who is usually thinking about the next step all the time, and I always have to be doing something.  It is hard for me to ever relax, and if you are a mom reading this, then you know exactly what I mean!  I get so busy about my every-day life and tasks that I don’t ask God what He has for me that day.

As I finished doing devotionals with my kids, I began to seek God and His plans for my life, I began to ask Him to remove the things in my life that have no eternal purpose. 

I believe that often times we miss out on blessings that God has for us, ways that He desires to use us, and purposes that He has for us because we are too busy about our own business, and too busy with our own plans.  God needs to prune us in more ways than one, and I believe that removing the junk in our lives that takes up so much time is another way that He prunes our lives, gets us on the right path and reveals to us His plans and His perfect will.

I pray like Amos that we would lay down our will, and follow the will of our Savior.  Seek Him today, keep Him at the center of your day and watch as His plans for you unfold.

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