Food for thought….Lift up your eyes

john 4-35

Lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest. John 4:35

Often times, we can get in the zone.  The zone of just living our lives.  We get comfortable, free from worry in our own little lives.  Sometimes we focus so much on the task at hand, that we miss the bigger picture.  We miss out on blessings and opportunities because we haven’t looked around.  Our eyes are so set on one thing that we miss all the others.

A few days ago my husband was sick.  He usually cleans out our wood stove, shovels out the ashes everyday and disposes of them.  So I took it upon myself to clean out the woodstove.  Little did I know that he waits until the woodstove is not blazing hot in order to clean out the ashes.  So I brought in the bucket to put the ashes in, I got my little shovel and broom ready.  I opened up the door and start shoveling out red hot ashes.  Then I started thinking wow, this is sort of dangerous, if I tip this shovel at all, these hot ashes are going to fall onto my brand new carpet and me.  So I started doing it super slowly, and carefully.  I starred at the shovel as I was moving it (mistake #1), but because I was only looking at the shovel, I didnt see the set of woodstove accessories behind it and I bumped it with the shovel (mistake #2), the hot ashes fell all over onto my new carpeting.  In a panic, I quickly grabbed them up with my bare hand (mistake #3) !!! Needless to say, it ruined my mood that morning.  

But sometimes we can do that in different areas of our lives, we get so focused on one thing that we dont see obstacles, blessings, different needs, paths to take.  Jesus spoke here and said “Lift up your eyes look at the fields, they are already white for harvest.”  

Lift up your eyes and look at the bigger picture. Ask God how He wants to use you. Sometimes He wants us to stop focusing on the little tasks that we are doing, and start looking at the opportunities that are passing us by. There is a lost and dying world, and the fields are ready for harvest. 

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