Food for thought…Light shines in darkness



There is something beguiling about light verses dark. When I was younger I would like to fall asleep reading. My mother was forever telling me to shut the lights off. I would get so consumed in my book I would not even realize how late it was and I would fall fast asleep with the book onto chest. There would be times I would wake up at random early morning hours and could get my light shut off before my mum knew it was on. But more often than not I would get a reminder that I need to shut my light off. Sometimes it was because I was so tired. While others I am quite sure it was out of fear for the dark. It seems somewhere in the recesses of my mind I feel safe when I see light and I can stand in the center of light. Does anyone else understand me here?!

Light is soothing to me. When I am unwell I will sleep with the light on because I am clumsy as all get out when I am not awake. I need no help to trip over my own two feet. The light simply makes my path clear, bright and visible. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ask The Lord for a snapshot of the  road ahead. A little bit more light if you will sir?!

Bravery found me more assuredly when I was in the light than when I was not. Have you ever run from the darkness into a room that is completely light? I can remember feeling such fear when I would be walking from a dark room to one of light. It felt as though I could not breathe until I go out of the dark! It’s no great change from our lives. When we rest in the light we are safe . The darkness cannot comprehend it or defeat it. Light reigns supreme!

John 1:5 “And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”

Written by my friend Courtney 🙂

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