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Often times we can get discontent with our circumstances.  We become discontent with our jobs, with our homes, with our callings and we often think “the grass is greener on the other side”.  I have seen numerous friends move in hopes that things will be different when they move.  I have seen husbands and wives get divorced in hopes that they will find what they are looking for.  I have seen people sell their homes and purchase a “home of their dreams”.  I have seen people change jobs in hopes of having a happier work environment. If I look at the outcome of each of those circumstances, each one of them is still in the same position.  Their new town is no different from the last one, their new spouse is no different from the last one, and their new home is no different from the last one, and their new job is no different from the last one.  

Sometimes we fall into this trap of constantly looking for more, looking for better.  But we fail to recognize that happiness  and contentment does not lie within our circumstances.  Happiness comes when our heart is in a state of contentment, and that will only come from Jesus.  We set our hopes on the pleasures of this life only to be let down.  Our problems and discontentment exist whether we are at “house A” or “house B” because they are a heart issue, not a physical matter.  

I know a woman who was so unhappy with her spouse, she was tired of being unappreciated by her children and her husband, so she left.  She packed all that she had and she went looking elsewhere for her happiness.  So she started dating another man, a man that swept her off of her feet, that told her how much he appreciated her.  Months went by, she was evicted from her apartment, her car was repossessed, but she still had her loving boyfriend right? Wrong, he left her for another woman.  The saddest and scariest part of this story is that the woman I am speaking of was a Christian, she served at her church, she claimed to love Jesus.  Yet she fell into sin because she was discontent.  She was left with no home, no car, and no family. True story.   I pray that she would return to her loving Heavenly Father.  The point of my story is that our enemy would like to deceive us into thinking that there is something greater for us, that the grass is greener on the other side.  What we dont realize is the greatness and happiness lies where we are at if we surrender to Jesus. 

“Godliness with contentment is great gain”

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  1. Thank you!!!!!!!
    Even though we all struggle with being content at times, I know someone who really needs to hear this message right now. Thanks for sharing and God bless you, Marissa!