Food For Thought…My Husband and I are Opposites!


My husband and I are complete opposites.  Not only are we opposites, our families are opposites.  His parents are very quiet and reserved, they never make a fuss about anything.  I come from an Italian family. 🙂 Enough said.

My husband loves to swim, I nearly drown when I get in the water, I avoid it at all costs.  He loves roller coasters, I throw up within seconds of riding one. He loves the outdoors, I’d rather snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie. We are opposites in every way.  He drinks his coffee black, I put so much cream in mine that it looks more like milk than coffee. But we both love Jesus wholeheartedly, and that is all that we need to have in common in order to make our marriage not only work, but thrive.  

We have been knit together by our love for God and the love that He has placed in us for each other.  It causes us to be of one mind, to work together as a team, through thick and thin.  I love being in this life along side my husband, I love serving God together, and I love every second that we spend together. 

Ladies, if we strive to be a good woman of God then it will cause us to be a good wife and mother. Our relationship with Jesus is going affect every other relationship in our lives.  I spend more time around my kids and my husband than I do with any one else, so my relationship with Jesus will largely and predominantly affect my relationship with them.  I don’t need to have a lot of things in common with my husband in order to be a good wife to him.  Because we both love Jesus, our marriage works well, and we are both not only willing, but WANTING to put each other above ourselves.  

“I love you” is easy to say.  God’s love for us went far beyond mere words and feelings.  He was all about action and sacrifice. Loving God first and walking in His plans will produce a love in us towards one another that goes far beyond things that we have in common.  God has created a desire in me to serve my husband, to love my husband, and to submit to my husband.  Apart from Jesus, I would utterly fail. 

I pray that we would go deeper in our walks with Jesus, and that we would love him greater than we ever have.  That love will automatically radiate into our marriages, and our relationships.  

“…Be ye all of one mind” 1 Peter 3:8

P.S.  I am still trying to make myself love swimming and roller coasters 😉



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