Food for thought…Our best is yet to come


We went to visit my husband’s grandmother in the nursing home yesterday.  Her health has declined greatly.  We wanted to make sure that all of her grandchildren were able to see her.  So, what better can you give someone who is feeble and in bad health….ice cream.  We went down and had an ice cream party with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  

This dear sweet woman is one of a kind.  I remember before my husband and I got married, she helped me make our wedding favors.  Right off the bat, she treated me like one of her own grand children.  I have had so many wonderful times with her, and we always laughed, sometimes we laughed too much!  She is genuine, to the core.  I loved it, and I loved being around her.  

When summer came, you could be sure that she was planning a family vacation to a lake somewhere.  We went every year to a lake with her.  When we would arrive at the lake, she would often times already be in the water floating on her raft.  Over the years, her health made it more difficult to get in and out of the water.  The past couple of years she was unable to go on vacations because she was sick.  

Last night, as she was laying in her bed, I went to say goodnight.  I laid my head on her shoulder and wept as I told her what wonderful times I have had with her and that she was very dear to me.  She grabbed my face with her hands and said ” I have had the best times with you, and thats all over now, but the best times we’ll have together are yet to come” Oh how I just wanted to lay with my head on her shoulder all night and tell stories.  My 4 crazies waiting in the other room put a damper on that dream.

As I walked out the door and looked at that precious woman laying in her bed, who will soon be in the presence of our Savior, I couldnt believe how quickly her health had regressed.  It seems like not long ago she was floating on that raft with her sunglasses enjoying the lake.  Time flies.  It sure does.  A vapor, ladies.  BUT….the best times are yet to come when you have accepted the gift of salvation.  The redemption of sins by the blood that was poured out on calvary, ensures us that what we have ahead is far greater than any moment we will have on this earth.  And because of that, death for christians is bitter-sweet. 

It was a sobering night, when the reality of death is inevitable, it causes our perspective to change.  It quickens us.  It compels us to long for heaven.  I can’t wait for the reunion that we will have one day.  

My son was crying as he prayed that his grandmother wouldn’t die, and when he was done praying he asked if she would have a new body in heaven.  My husband said “she sure will, wait till you see her, she’s going to be sooo beautiful.” How true. Picturing her in the presence of our Savior, I cant think of anything more beautiful than that.  

 For here we have no continuing city, but we seek the one to come” Hebrews 13:14

Let us seek and earnestly await for the prize that is coming, our Precious Savior, and a wonderful reunion. 


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