Food for thought…Who are you…Really?

who are you

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked” Jeremiah 17:9

We often dont see ourselves as we really are.  Let me give you a couple of examples before I explain.

My youngest son Benjamin is 2.  Every single night, he and I have a little goodnight ritual that we do.  I kiss him, hug him, sing him the same song, then cover him up.  Every night, he responds with the same thing “I love you mom, and I love daddy, and I love the little kids”  He is the youngest of my children, but he refers to the rest of my children as the “little kids”.  Why? Because he thinks that he is a “big kid” and they are the little ones.  He doesnt see himself as he really is. 

I often sing to my kids.  Very loudly.  I have never considered that I have a terrible voice or anything as such.  My husband is the worship leader at our church.  I love his voice, and he is very musically inclined. Not long ago, he asked me to sing a song with him so that he could determine what key to sing it in at church.  As I was singing he said “nevermind, you’re really out of tune”.  I figured he just wasnt hearing me correctly over the sound of his own voice.  A few days later I was singing really loudly in the car with my kiddos.  My son said “mom, I am really carsick so could you stop singing because your voice is really bad” Huh? I was shocked, I never would have thought that my voice was bad.  I didnt see myself as they did.

The point of my stories is that we dont see ourselves as we truly are.  Those are just little stories that have happened in my life, but they allowed me to see the spiritual application that God tries to open our eyes to.  We are blind to our sins, we dont see ourselves as others see us.  When we are in sin, we never see it.  When our focus is off of Jesus, we never see it.  

Not long ago, my focus was not on the Lord.  There was something else in my life that was consuming my time.  Luckily I had my husband and my sister in law who were faithful and loved me enough to tell me.  My first reaction was to defend myself because I certainly did not see that my focus was off.  Never, and for a period of time, I still continued to reject the thought of it.  I didnt even seek the Lord about it because I just didnt see a need to.  After all, why would I seek the Lord about something that I was positive wasnt happening.  Wrong.  Finally, God revealed to me how blind I was.  He revealed to me the wickedness of my heart, and He was faithful to forgive my sins and cleanse my unrighteousness. 

You see, we are blind.  We are wicked, and we deceive ourselves.  I urge all of you dear sisters to ask God to reveal to you the issues in your hearts.  I urge you to begin by praying that you would have a heart that is willing to hear, and eyes that would be opened.   God is faithful to reveal these things to us because He loves us abundantly, He is continually showing us the areas of our lives that He wants to correct in order to make us more like Him.  I am thankful for God’s faithfulness, and for the faithfulness of those who love me enough to correct me. 

Do you see yourself as you really are? Ask God. 

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