Food for thought…Our issues

Our Issues

My mother’s kindle is having some issues. Well maybe issues isn’t the word for it. No, come to think of it it’s more like it’s on strike. When you turn it on nothing shows up. The apps-gone. There is nothing to select. They went to the store we bought it from and they said they could service it but it would end up costing more than buying a new one. I stood there thinking. That’s is the mentality of our current society. Even relationally when people disagree, we say we have irreconcilable differences and part our separate ways.

What that phrase really means is “we have issues but we neither of us are willing to put our pride down long enough to admit our part and take responsibility for the “how and what” that was wrong. So instead of fixing it we are saying it’s an insurmountable barrier and leaving it there.” We see this in families, marriages and friendships. We’ve become a throw away society instead of a fix it society.

Thankfully we have a fix it God. He provided a way long before we ever needed salvation. He knew what our need was going to be and He met it. He didn’t leave Adam and Eve to die in their sin. He sought them out and spoke with them. God asking Adam “what he had done” was not because God didn’t know but because God knew what confession does. Adam needed to hear it and admit it. Lord, thank you for the times when you confront us with our sin. You don’t leave us there to remain as we were. You seek us out and deal with our hearts so that we can be made whole. We see and know just how much you love us by your heart to save us from ourselves. Let this year be the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. When David sinned, and boy did he ever sin, his heart was honestly broken over that sin and therein lay the answer to our growth. We can’t be forgiven of what we won’t repent of. It is a new year. Don’t tote your sin along. Leave it here and walk free!

Written By: Courtney Gilkinson

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