Food for thought…Our own will

our own will

As I read in Genesis about Rebekah, I could relate to her in many ways.  First off because she was a momma with boys! Secondly because she loved her boys.  Lastly because she (like I) thought that her plan would be best.  Here is what God tells Rebekah:

“Two nations are in your womb, Two peoples shall be separated from your body; one people shall be stronger than the other, And the older shall serve the younger.”

You see, God tells her that Esau (her older son) will serve Jacob (her younger son).  She already knows that is God’s will, there is no question about it.  He spoke it to her, it is evident.  Yet Rebekah doesn’t trust God and she tries to make His will come to pass.  So she instructs her son Jacob to deceive his father and take away the blessing of his brother Esau.  From my perspective, I read this passage of scripture and thought…Oh Rebekah, why? why would you do that? Don’t you remember the plans that God told you? 

There are many instances in my life that I look back and say the same thing to myself…why Marissa? Why would you do that? I take God’s will into my own hands because for some reason I believe that He needs my help.  I believe that my way will work, and that it will work best.

Jacob tells his mother ” I will bring down a curse upon myself instead of a blessing” Rebekah responds with ” Let the curse be upon me, just go and do as I tell you.”

A curse she brought, indeed. Esau in his anger said that he would kill Jacob, so Rebekah tells him to go stay with her brother Laban for a short time until Esau’s fury subsides.  Jacob stayed with Laban for years as he was working so that he may marry Laban’s daughter.  During the many years that he stayed with Laban, his mother Rebekah died. 

Do you see how such tragedy came from Rebekah doing her own will instead of God’s?  Her son Jacob, whom she adored, she wanted him to be blessed, she wanted Esau to serve him, but instead he had to leave and she never saw him again.  She thought her plan for him was better than God’s plan and the results were tragic for her. 

Dear Sisters, God has a plan for you and I that is perfect, we don’t have to guess what it is, we don’t need to try to make a way, we don’t need to try to open doors, all we need is a heart that is willing to place our hand into His and let Him lead us wherever He wants us to go.  He takes care of the rest, He opens and closes doors, He provides all that we need, and He is faithful.  I pray that we would trust Him enough to lead us into His perfect will. 


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