Food for thought….Our treasure

Once a month, I receive the Voice of the Martyrs Magazine, if you haven’t signed up to receive it, I highly recommend that you do. It is free to sign up, you can head over here to sign up. Each time that I receive that envelope in my mailbox, I know that my eyes will be opened, and my heart transformed.  I expect it, I look forward to it.  Yesterday I opened up the newsletter and saw this picture….

true treasure


When I saw that little Bible, someone’s one true treasure, I began to think about what I treasure.  Sometimes it’s my home, sometimes it’s another temporal thing with no eternal value.  Some days, I lose my phone and I go into a panic because I cannot live without my phone.  What things in my life do I treasure so much, that are so vital in my life, that I cannot live without them? If I listed each of them, I can guarantee that at some point, they will let me down and fail me.

These sweet brothers and sisters that are dying for Jesus’s name in other countries, they have something that I lack.  Maybe not food or clothing, but a total and complete reliance upon our Savior.  A relationship of absolute dependence on Him and trust in Him. That is what God desires from us, and that is what He deserves from us.  They cherish the Word of God above any material thing they could own.  They have a richness like nothing I have ever experienced. 

My friend Courtney is reading about Corrie Ten Boom.  I once read a quote from her that said “You may never know that Jesus is all that you need, until Jesus is all that you have.” That quote shakes me to the core. With all that we have, we don’t understand that Jesus is all that we need.  Some things we cannot understand or fully comprehend until they are experienced.  Have you ever experienced a need for Jesus that is so great you can feel it within your soul? Have you ever been stripped of all that you have so much so that you realize He is all that you need?  My prayer is that He would strip me of MYSELF.  That He would take my heart, take my life, take all that I am, and teach me to love Him, and put my hope in Him as my brothers and sisters in other countries do.   I am afraid dear sisters, afraid that we have become Christians that rely on ourselves, that trust in ourselves, that hope in a world that is undoubtedly going to disappoint and mislead us. 

May we cast away anything that we have set our hearts upon other than our beautiful Savior, its then that we will find our one true treasure.



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  1. Well said, Maris……..I often think about this too. Do I love the Lord? Would I die for Him? I am afraid that if I were tested I would fail and it scares me and saddens me no end. please pray for me and I for you!