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I grew up in a family of Italians, incase any of you don’t know about Italians, they give you the worst case scenario of EVERYTHING! If one of your kids is sick, they’d tell you the worst case scenario. If there is a storm, they’d warn you of getting struck by lightning.  If you go to the store, they’d warn you about someone stealing your purse.  As a kid, I was always scared.  If I played outside, I was afraid an animal would attack me.  If I went into the store, I was afraid I would lose my mom.  So take these scenarios and add this…….

We grew up watching horror movies, I watched nightmare on elm street over and over again when I was 8 years old.  This made me petrified to close my eyes at night.  I couldn’t sleep in the dark so I always snuck out to the couch and slept with the light on.  My mom became a Christian out of fear that she would go to hell and she had a major demonic experience that led her to Christ.  I always had that scenario in the back of my mind as well.

So that is how I grew up, although I am not complaining because I loved my childhood.  I was just always scared.  That fear continued through my teens and my twenties.  (this year I abandoned my twenties and hit the 30 mark!)

I got married when I was 22.  When I got married, I used to make my husband check all of the back bedrooms and doors before we went to sleep, I had to sleep with a light or TV on because I was afraid to sleep in the dark and I was afraid of noises. Finally, after I tortured my husband with my fear, he said “Maris, you need to resist the devil and he will flee, if you don’t resist your fears, then you will always be fearful.  You need to check the back bedrooms yourself”  I had never resisted my fears.  I actually let my mind wander into more fear, and anxiety. Not only was I fearful of man, I was also fearful that one of my kids would have an accident, or that my husband would get in a car crash.  At one point I didn’t even want my husband to drive in the car with our kids without me because I was afraid of them getting hurt. It began crippling, and paralyzing my life.

So why do we fear? We fear because we don’t understand the sovereignty of God.  Sovereignty means to be in complete control of something.  Isaiah 40:12 “Who has measured the waters in the hollow of His hand and measured heavens with a span” Stop and picture that, hold out your hand, look at the dip in your hand where your palm is.  That is the hallow of your hand.  God measures the waters in that part of His hand.  That is a visual of His sovereignty.  He has complete control of everything in the world, the Bible says that even the wind and the sea obey Him.

As we grow in the knowledge of God and His grace, our faith increases also. The definition of  faith is the complete trust or confidence in something.  Think about that, FAITH IS THE COMPLETE TRUST AND CONFIDENCE IN SOMETHING. Fear is the opposite of faith.  When we don’t trust Him completely(faith), it creates fear.  How do we have faith and trust? We don’t completely trust someone that we don’t know.  We get to know Him and His character by spending time in His word and in prayer.  By growing in your knowledge and personal relationship with God, you trust him, your faith develops and grows, and your fears subside.

Fear can become a stronghold in our lives.  Strongholds are things that we believe that contradict the person and the power of God.  Strongholds paralyze us in our walks as believers.

God has not given us a Spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind ” 1 Timothy 1:7.  Fear is not from God and it contradicts who He is.  What we need to recognize is that we can have victory over fear.

Think about David…He was a warrior, he killed Goliath, killed a lion and a bear, conquered and defeated everyone surrounding Israel.  He could have had confidence in himself.  He could have said “I have already conquered everyone, who should I be afraid of” BUT he didn’t say that.  He said “The Lord is my light and salvation whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid?” He recognized that his victory came from God.

The same happened with Peter.  Peter denies Jesus.  Why? He is afraid of man.  THEN we see Peter make a bold proclamation of faith in the books of acts.  How? Victory through Jesus.  He recognized that he is nothing without God’s strength, He rests in the power of the Holy Spirit, and we see him go on victorious.

You see, He promises us victory.  Are you afraid of losing your child? Are you afraid of having health problems? Are you afraid of not being able to pay the bills? Are you worried about your child walking away from God’s plans? You too and have victory though Jesus when you recognize that IN HIM ALONE there is victory.  2 Corinthians 10:4 “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds.” And that is the answer to it all dear sister, the weapons to fight against fear are not carnal, they don’t come from us, but they are mighty IN GOD for pulling down strongholds.  The stronghold of fear is torn down by resting in Him and His promises in our lives because He cares for you, you are precious to Him and He is sovereign over everything in your life and mine. That should give us a reason NOT to fear.

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  1. Marissa….this is SO good! thanks!

  2. Lynnette says:

    Fear is something I’ve always struggled with too. I now give it over to the Lord sometimes it isn’t easy because my flesh will dwell on my fears at times but the Lord is always faithful to remove my fears and give me a sound mind. Thanks Maris for sharing!!

    • Lynette, I always think way too much, that is why I start to worry sometimes too. Like you said, our flesh dwells on our fears, so very true!!! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Fear is such an easy feeling to fall into if we think about it. I watched scary movies growing up (wish I hadn’t) but am thankful they never made me fearful. God’s protection on me I believe. However, fear has gripped me in other ways and I’ve had to run to the Word and go to the Lord in prayer to find that peace and calm only He can give. It is so comforting that we have a sovereign God to serve and love. Good post. I’m linked up next to at Women Helping Women link up. .

    • I love that He knows our lives from beginning to end, and that He care for us. Your right, running to Him and His word, there is power in that!! Thanks for stopping by. I just checked out your sight, I loved it. Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. What a great reminder to give our fears over to the Lord and let Him handle them. I love I Peter 5:7 – if God can create the world in seven days, He can definitely handle whatever I give to HIm!

    • Marissa says:

      You are very right Tshanina, we doubt that the creator of the universe can handle our little fears and problems! Thanks for stopping, join us at 8am for a devotional each morning 🙂 Have a great week!