Food For Thought….Patience

We’ve all been there. Where it seems if one more thing happens that we will finally blow a gasket. Thankfully we can lean on the Lord and not reach that boiling point. It’s not that we will not ever get mad but that we know where to take the troubles that come our way.

I remember after going through the “Have the Funeral” study with James MacDonald realizing what a hot mess I am. That study showed me where my sticking points were. The hot button issues that we all have. You know the ones, they take you from fine to boiling in a matter of moments. A word. A memory. A name. An instance and you are right where you were as if it just occurred. If one thing can take you back to being mad then we can safely say that forgiveness needs to be extended and received for both or all parties. It’s a sign that you’ve truly not moved on.

Lord, there are some things that seem to continue on and on without end. I pray that you change in us what needs to be. Show us what we are hanging onto that keeps us from forgiving and being forgiven. Only when we live with forgiveness granted and extended can we truly live. I know there are a few areas, several actually, that I struggle over but when we choose doubt we chose to neglect Gods power in our lives. Romans 4:7 “Saying , Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose sins are covered.”

Written By Courtney Gilkinson

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