Food For Thought…Purpose

The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me. Psalm 138:8

I am a news reader, watcher, listener! I read the news everyday, sometimes I read it more than once a day.  I like to know whats going on in the world.  I am sure that most of you have knowledge of the events that are taking place in Baltimore right now.

In case you are living in a cave (which might actually be a good thing), let me fill you in.  Not long ago, a black man named Freddie Gray was arrested by police, and taken into custody.  During the time that he was in police custody, his spinal cord was severed and he died.  There are two sides to this story, as there is two sides to every story.  So I am not going to get into telling you what I think happened to Freddie Gray, it is irrelevant to my point here.  Since his death, protesting has begun in Baltimore. Actually, I am not going to call it a protest again, because I think that it is no longer, nor was it ever really,  a protest.  It is a riot.  A full blown, looting, vicious riot. 

You can google the word Baltimore and watch video after video of men as they burn buildings, throw cinder blocks at firetrucks as firemen are rushing to save lives and put out fires.  You can watch them break into stores, steal whatever they want, destroy the property of people who have worked their entire lives for it.  You can watch police get taunted, spit upon, hit, pushed, and many other callous things as they try to protect the city.  When I first watched these videos, I got angry.  Angry that people have no shame or remorse.  Now, dont get me wrong here….I dont believe that Freddie Gray deserved to die and who knows if his death was accidental.  But I do believe that these riots are absolutely out of hand.  Later I watched a video that my sweet friend Judi sent of a man named Clayton Jennings.  He went to the streets in Baltimore and preached the gospel and prayed with people, my heart began to soften. 

Most of the people involved in these riots are men, who have no jobs, no family values, no hope.  These riots are an excuse for them to steal, destroy and take out aggression. Why? Because they have no purpose in life.  They are merely existing.  They have no hope, no real love, and no peace.  

Apart from Jesus, life will always be hopeless and empty.  You have a purpose given to you by the One who created you.  Until you surrender to Him, and walk in His callings, you will never find purpose.  You will never find hope, you will never find the “change” that you are desperately chasing after.  My heart goes out to the people who are looting, and rioting.  Soon, they will stand before the Creator of the universe.  Unless their lives are surrendered to Him, they will stand before Him, guilty. 

Ladies, I pray that we would seek Him.  I pray that His plans and purposes in our lives would be revealed.  I pray that we would walk in the the hope of heaven.  And I pray that we would be burdened for those who are lost, those who are without purpose.  Let’s all pray today for the people of Baltimore, I pray that the change they are so desperately seeking would come from Jesus changing their lives.

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