Food For Thought…Rejoice


My friend Deb sent me this yesterday morning, and it landed on my phone at the perfect time.  It was the first day back at school, I was trying to get the kiddos ready to go, my phone was ringing, the dog was chewing up my son’s shoe, and my son was standing in the corner crying as he was supposed to already be in the car.  Absolute chaotic morning.  

Then I received two phone calls that needed me attention before I went to the dentist to get my tooth drilled.  What a start to the day.  As soon as the kids went out the door to school, I collapsed into the chair and put my head back, closed my eyes for a second and let out a long and loud sigh.  You’ve all had those kinds of mornings, right?  

Life gets so consuming.  It seems as though we spend our time from one hard circumstance to the next.  Someone is always calling, someone always needs our attention, something is always happening.  At times, I stop and ask the Lord when there will be a break in the action, when things will slow down.  Motherhood can be tiring at times.  As much as we adore our children, we still can get wearing in our callings as moms.  

When I arrived at the dentist I actually was happy to be there, a time of quiet, sitting, no stress, no screaming.  You know your life is crazy when you look forward to going to the dentist. 🙂  Just joking, its actually not that crazy but yesterday was a little more crazy than usual. I opened my phone to read Deb’s message that she sent me earlier that morning.  Here is what it said:

“Rejoice in the Lord always. Again, I will say, Rejoice!” Philippians 4:4


You want me to rejoice when I’m faced with sickness? Wayward children? Financial Stress? When my marriage is broken and answers are no where in sight?


Choosing to have the right heart and mindset in the middle of trials will draw us closer to Jesus.  He is the only one who offers true peace and deliverance so that we can face tomorrow.

“And the peace  of God which surpasses all understanding, WILL guard your hearts and your minds through CHrist Jesus”  Philippians 4:7

Let’s choose today to rejoice Always!! He promises that ALL things word together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose.  Whatever you are faced with today, God knows! He is the only one who can make beauty from ashes. 

This message brought me such peace.  That even when we get stressed, worn down, tired, God is still in control.  Praise Him for all that He has given you.  Rejoice that He has saved us from our sins, that He loves us despite our shortcomings, and that He is sovereign in our lives.  He is in control, although He stretches us, molds us, and sometimes breaks us, He using it to the good.  He is making us more like Him.  Rejoice today, despite any challenges or circumstances that bid you not to.  He loves you abundantly, and that is a reason to rejoice!

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