Food for thought….Resting in God

waiting patiently


“Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him” Psalm 37:7


So often, I feel like I have a good plan, like I have everything figured out the way it needs to happen.  Planning is good, but not when my plans get in the way of God’s plans because I am unwilling to wait for God’s timing.  Often times, God shows us His plans for us and we assume that because we are so much wiser than Him (yikes!), that we need to help Him speed up the process, and we are reluctant to wait.

When my husband and I were engaged, we started looking for houses because we really didn’t want to rent a house.  So after looking at some nice houses (that were way out of our price range) and some not so nice houses (that were in our price range) we sat down and asked each other what features we would like our house to have.  The first thing I said was that I wanted a house that had a fireplace to burn wood and something that had some land for gardening.  He said he was hoping for a barn or outbuilding for animals, a house that had a few bedrooms because he wanted to have kids someday, he said he loved hardwood floors so it would be cool to have a house with hardwood floors, he also mentioned that someday he wanted to find an old claw foot bathtub to put in our house because he thought they were neat. (he loves anything old)

So we looked at a house that was up the road from where we live now, and it needed some work.  It did have a small outbuilding, not one for animals though.  The owners had cats so we would have needed to rip out all the carpeting (hardwood floors underneath?) it was really the only house on the market that was in our price range that was somewhat suitable for us.  So we both prayed about it, and then prayed some more about it, and kept praying about it.  I remember reading the scripture “I waited patiently for the Lord” Psalm 40:1.  Ok, I just needed to be patient! God has the perfect house for us, I JUST NEED TO BE PATIENT.  Being an Italian, that was challenging 🙂 So after a couple weeks, no new houses were coming up for sale, so I told my husband (at the time my fiancé) that I thought we should just buy the house (the one with the cats) and then we could upgrade after a few years.  He wasn’t too interested in doing that.  So a couple days later I mentioned it to him again.  You know because we only were engaged I couldn’t nag him the way I do now that we’re married! So I quietly mentioned it again and he said let’s just wait.  WAIT? What if someone bought the house in the meantime and then we would be stuck renting, I didn’t want to wait, even though I read a scripture about waiting.

Two days later, I looked online and a new house came up for sale, there was no picture because it was a brand new listing.  So I drove to where it was,  it had a barn out back, it was far off the road so traffic wasn’t a problem.  So we called, when we got inside, the first thing my husband pointed out was the fireplace and hardwood floors!! It had three bedrooms with the option of a fourth.  Then we walked into the bathroom, it had a standup shower, but also a clawfoot tub! and the house sat on 5.5 acres of land. I was amazed, everything that both of us wanted in a house was exactly what this house had.  Plus, it was close to town, close to our church, close to my parents, close to my siblings, it was perfect in every way.

God has perfect plans for us when we are willing to wait.  When we are trying to speed things up and do them in our own time, we end up missing out on God’s best for us.  What is He showing you today, and are you willing to wait for His plans?

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