Food For Thought…Seeking Him First


“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”  Matthew 6:33

How many of us really do this?  How often do you truly seek God’s kingdom above anything else is your life? I would love to say that I do, but unfortunately I cannot say that I do this all the time.  You see ladies, His kingdom is not one that we can see.  That tells us that anything in this life should be secondary to our eternal kingdom. This scripture deals with our hearts.  Are we placing a priority on seeking God and His Kingdom?  It shouldnt be just a priority, but rather THE priority in our lives.  Everything else comes under that.  

The word seek means: “to actively pursue” or “to go after”

Think about that for a moment, we should be “going after” God and His kingdom.  God doesnt just want a place in your life, He wants to be your life! That is what it means to seek His kingdom first.  To give Him our lives, and pursue Him with all of our hearts. 

When God is not first in our lives, everything else in our lives are out of order.  We begin to worry about everything in our lives.  We must not think that we just accept Jesus as our Savior and our walk ends there.  No ladies, our walk begins there.  We must actively and wholeheartedly pursue God.  Once we do that, everything else will fade away, and He will sovereignly put things into place in our lives.  His desires become our desires, His plans become our plans, and we become consumed by the King of Kings.  

God promises that as we draw near to Him, that He will draw near to us.  He will completely fill us, provide and meet all of our needs, and bring us hope, peace, and love that we have never experienced before. All of these things sound so wonderful right? Christianity sounds so perfect, right? But why then do we often see Christians who are unhappy, miserable, depressed, annoyed, vexed, worried? That is the result of a Christian who is not first seeking God, and His kingdom.  That is the result when someone accepts Jesus as their Savior, and ends their Christian walk there.  They don’t actively pursue God, they don’t seek Him wholeheartedly.  So instead their eyes go from being on Jesus to being on themselves.  This will always leave us beat down, and defeated. 

Is that where you are today dear friend? Are you feeling defeated?  Are you unhappy? miserable? Depressed? Are you seeking Him first? If not, then go back to your first love, and surrender to Him.  His mercy is new today, start seeking Him with your whole heart.  It is then that you will experience the joy, hope, peace, and love of God that He promises to us as His children.   Seek His kingdom first, and everything else will be added unto you. He will provide for our every need.  Pursue Him today ladies! Have a blessed day!

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  1. Once again, your post meets me where I’m at. Praise God. Thanks, Marissa.