Food for thought..Speak evil of no one

speak evil of no one

“To speak evil of no one” Titus 3:2

I always have this reminder in the back of my mind that every idle word that I speak I am accountable for.  This encourages me that I need to guard every word that proceeds from my mouth. 

I can’t tell you how many problems in churches stem from brothers and sisters in Christ speaking evil of one another, slandering one another, giving their not needed opinions about others lives.  We as Christians often times think that we have it all figured out and thus we take it upon ourselves to “know” what everyone else should be doing, to judge what everyone else is doing, and to get far too involved in what everyone else is doing. Not only do we think these thoughts in our heads, but then we go the extra step and we verbalize these unnecessary opinions.  Why?? I am still asking myself this question.  Why? I do it at times as well, and I don’t know why.  But God is teaching me to be slow(er) to speak. To think about the words that are about to come out of my mouth. 

You and I will stand before our Creator one day (very soon), and we will be responsible for the words that we speak about one another.  We will be responsible for the grace and love that we show one another.  Fill yourself with Jesus and His precious Word, and you will find yourself not caring about others faults and failures, and when you don’t care about them I can guarantee that you wont speak about them.  May we keep our eyes on Jesus today ladies!

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