Food For Thought…Stop With The Excuses


Our sisters over at Girl Defined wrote an awesome article about taking God seriously.  I agree with all that they are saying because I used to be one of the girls who did not.  I used to go to church, and BELIEVE what I heard, but I never wanted to surrender anything in my life.  I didnt want to give God lordship over my life.  

Unfortunately, I think this is the case with lots of people, young and old alike.  We go to church and instead of applying biblical truths to our lives, we follow the direction that the world is going.  But, we justify it by staying a little behind the pace of our culture.  Ladies, we shouldnt be moving, we should be standing firm on what God’s word teaches us.  We compromise in so many areas, but what we have failed to recognize is that we will NEVER be able to stand before God with an excuse.  

Not long ago, I told the mother of a young girl that her daughter’s shirt was too low and that there was a lot of flesh showing, and it could be a distraction to people at church.  Her mom insisted that the reason for that is because that’s all stores sell nowadays and there is nothing she can do to change that so people are just going to have to deal with it.  Hold….On…!!! Ladies, we will never be able to stand before God one day and say “I couldnt dress modestly because the stores didnt have modest clothes”  We live in America!! If you really cannot find a modest shirt, then please buy a tee shirt! Cant find a dress that isnt short? Wear pants!  The solution is simple but we give every excuse in the world to justify what we want.  

Now please understand me here, I am not judging.  I am not proclaiming to be a perfect parent, and my kids are not perfect either.  I fail. Every. Single. Day. But I long to do what is right, and I am striving to live my life according to God’s Word.  My birthday was last week.  A couple kids that I know were raving about a movie that came out.  They insisted that I go to see it with Justin.  So I looked it up online to make sure the ratings were ok.  It was rated R for strong language, sexual content, and violence. I was acutually shocked. I’ll pass.  I love the kids that recommended this movie to me, so I asked why they watched a movie knowing that it was not going to be edifying?  Their response…”Oh that stuff doesnt bother us, and everyone we know has watched it too.” Ladies, parents, please…..the Word tells us to “set no evil before our eyes.”  Murder, vulgar language, fornication…those things are evil and sinful.   Why would we set them before our eyes, much less set them before our children’s eyes?  Set the bar high.  Keep the bar high.  

Yes, we sure can give excuses! We have an excuse to justify all that we do, and we come up with some doozies! Myself included.  But ladies, those excuses wont go beyond here.  We will stand before God one day, and never have an excuse for why we failed to love our husbands, why we failed to teach our children the Word of God, why we failed to represent Him with our lives.  We will be without EXCUSE! That’s a little frightening.  Think about it for a moment.  

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