Food for thought…Stretch forth your hand

stretch forth

In the book of Matthew there was a man who had a withered hand.  As Jesus was accused and asked by the people if it lawful to heal on the Sabbath, he explained that a man would save his sheep who falls into a pit on the Sabbath, yet this man is more important than a sheep.  He bid the man to come forth and “stretch out your hand”, the man stretched it out and Jesus restored it “as whole as the other”.  Matthew 12:9-14

Often times we have sins in our lives that we try to hide from Jesus, that we are ashamed of so we don’t bring them forth to the Lord and ask Him for forgiveness.  Often times there are things in my life that I am afraid that Jesus will purge from my life so I don’t bring them forth.  There are filthy rags that we hold onto in hopes that they will fulfill us.  Jesus bids us, as he did this man, to stretch forth our hand.  To bring our burdens, our shame, our sins to Him and He desires to restore us. 

Sometimes condemnation takes control in our lives and we don’t come to the throne of grace as we should.  We don’t bring our burdens as we should, we don’t confess our sins as we should.  Jesus wants to restore your life dear sister, He wants to restore your shame and your sorrows.  He takes those withered things in our lives and turns them into something beautiful.  But you see, the man first had to stretch forth his hand in order for Jesus to heal him.  You too need to stretch forth your hand, lay down your sins, your bitterness of heart, your broken friendships, your hurt, your pain, your life, and let our sweet Savior restore you with his perpetual love and great grace.  That is his desire for you and I.  Stretch forth your hand today, and let the healing begin!

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