Food for Thought..Surrender


My friend Courtney sent me this devotional.  Often times we give the Lord a partial surrender.  Or you know, we outwardly say “Lord I surrender” but it is just mere words and inwardly our hearts have never surrendered.  I have done that more than once 🙂 We must realize that unless we fully surrender to God, we will always be wrestling with God. He wants all of our hearts, all of our lives, all that we are! Ladies, what is God calling you to surrender to Him today? Lay it at His feet, and let Him being you peace as He works in your life. 

Written by Courtney:

There is a singer/songwriter that has written some song lyrics that meet us at a point of surrender. “Lord, I’m ready now. All my walls are down. Time is running out and I wanna make this count. I ran away from you and I did what I wanted to but I don’t wanna let you down. Lord I’m ready now,…Lord, I’m ready now.”

Each of us have a story of when we were at odds with the Lord. Struggling as it were to have our own way but yet there was something inside of us that knew we needed to surrender completely to Him. Surrender half way will never work. We keep ourselves miserable because we refuse to land on one side of the line or the other. Our battle is within ourselves many times. Will we let go? Will we forgive? Will we ask for forgiveness? Will we allow the Lord to correct us? It’s all about His power and our will. He will more than meet us if we are willing to come with hands raise and live with abandon.
James 4:7 “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

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