Food for thought…The crossroads

the crossroads

“Submit yourselves therefore to God” James 4:7

I did counseling at church yesterday with a young woman who has a very difficult past and present situation.  I am excited to see what Jesus can do to restore this precious but broken life.  As I started telling her about my life, I was overwhelmed at the grace of God, and His love toward me that he pulled me out of despair, and saved me!  I could relate to this young woman because I was in the same place in my life 10 years ago that she is in today.  Life was empty, broken, lonely, and I hadn’t experienced the true love of God because I was not yet willing to make Him the Lord of my life.  I wasn’t willing to surrender my will to His.

We have all been there, we think we have a better plan.  We think we know what will make us happy only to be disappointed when we have accomplished this great hope or dream yet we are left almost confused as to why that did not fulfill this hunger that we have.

When I was counseling, I realized that each woman that was in the room (5 of us) had also been there.  We have all been at a crossroads in our life, where we choose whether to surrender our will to God’s or to live out our life in our own will.

My husband and I went to Watkins Glen a couple weeks ago, and we went to this public beach while we were there.  Not far from the public beach there was a sandy spot and there was about 25 yachts and sail boats anchored there while people layed on the decks of the boats talking and drinking.  Now to you, that might seem appealing.  But to me, it was empty and I KNOW that it was empty because I have experienced the emptiness of that life.  My husband said to me “If you didn’t get saved, that would be you” I thought for a moment and then I gave thanks to God that He loves me, that He pulled me out of that life, and that He gave His life for me.  Ten years ago I was at the crossroads, where I was unhappy, lonely, and empty, but then I felt God calling, and working in my life, it was then that I surrendered my life to Him and surrendered my will to His.  Do I regret it? NEVER.  I had never experienced the love, joy, and peace that God gives and the fullness and abundance that He promises.  I am grateful and in awe of His great love, that He saw me, the sinner that I was, yet He wanted me and He gave His life to redeem me.

Maybe you have already accepted the gift of God, eternal life through Christ, but maybe you are still standing at the crossroads of WILL.  Are you willing to surrender your will and your life to God’s will?  It is there that the abundant life is found.

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