Food for thought…there is now no condemnation


There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.  Romans 8:1

We go through mountains and valleys as Christians.  We see this same journey in the lives of dear Saints throughout the Bible.  David, who was a man after God’s own heart….he had highs and lows in His relationship with the Lord.  In one Psalm he is pleading that God has forgotten him, and in the next Psalm he is talking about God’s grace and love flowing in his life.  It is exactly what happens in our lives as well.  One day we are on a mountain top and we feel as though we can taste the love of Jesus ever so abundantly, and the next day we feel as though He has forsaken us. 

Recently, I felt as though my devotion time and intimacy with God began to grow dim.  When that happened, I entered into my valley.  But boy, it felt like this was a deep valley and a wide valley.  I felt as though I could feel myself going deeper into a place of condemnation.  I started to question why God would want to use me, why God would want to speak to me, and why He even really loved me.  What a lie from our enemy.  So my devotional time with the Lord (although I still read every day) was very dry.  I would read my Bible and doubt that God would speak to me, I would pray and hesitate that God was even hearing my prayers.  In fact, why would He hear my prayers? I felt like a failure as a Christian, a failure as a mom, and a failure as a wife.  He couldn’t use someone like me, why would He want to use someone who was so blemished.  I assured myself if He wanted to use me He would be utterly disappointed in me, as I was utterly disappointed in myself.  But, that is exactly where Satan wanted me to be.  Condemned, disappointed, and frustrated.  He wanted me to question God’s love, and God’s promises in my life.  It threw me into a valley that I didn’t know how to get out of. 

I struggled in this valley for far too long, trying to maneuver my way out of it in my own strength, only to be condemned and beat down by our enemy.  Ladies, are you in a valley today? Is your devotional time dry? Is the voice of your Savior growing dim in your life? Then with all of your heart, cry out to Jesus and ask Him to pull you back up onto the mountain top with Him. 

I went to a ladies retreat on Saturday, where I lifted my hands and my heart during worship and surrendered all to Jesus, and confessed that I am nothing apart from Him, that I cannot pull myself out of this valley.  Wholeheartedly I begged Him to forgive me, strengthen me, and meet with me.  Do you know what happened? In that very moment, He did!! We seem to think that we would need to earn God’s favor, that we would need to slowly be hitched back into perfect fellowship with Him, that we would need to go through great lengths and efforts to be close with Him again.  Nope, that’s not the case with Jesus and His grace.  In a moment, He snatches us up into His arms and brings us back into perfect fellowship with Him, and how beautiful and sweet that moment is!  He doesn’t want us to walk around defeated and condemned, but rather…. joyful, confident in His love, and redeemed by his blood. 

Don’t try to earn God’s favor, don’t presume that you cant get back into complete fellowship with Him, don’t think that He doesn’t want you. He does, He wants every bit of you and He is patiently waiting as a perfect Savior for you to cry out to Him, to surrender….with all of your heart! 


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