Food for thought….In those seasons of waiting


My sweet friend Courtney wrote this devotional, she is a very gifted writer who whole heartedly follows Jesus and His perfect plans.  I am always encouraged by what she writes!!

“Things are not always what they seem. You’re only seeing part of me. There’s more than you could ever know behind the scenes. I’m incomplete and I’m undone but I suppose like everyone there’s so much more that’s going on behind the scenes.” Francesca Battistelli sings these lyrics.

We all like to think that we know what is going on. We make decisions and judgments everyday based on what we see and what we think we know. Yet, we most of what we know is surface. When we garden we plant seeds. The seeds lay in the dirt and it takes time for the potential that is contained within those seeds to sprout and for life to emerge. Digging around in the dirt after you have planted to “check” to see what’s going in isn’t an advisable idea. Why? You will disturb the proceedings! Growth is a tricky thing. It happens slowly. It’s gradual but it is still quite progressive despite it’s duration.

If you are becoming weary from not “seeing” results you wish or hoped to already be displayed please consider this.: Every good farmer and gardener knows that initially it takes some time for the seed to burst forth from the ground. Roots need to be developed that will support the plant. A good base is always advisable and therefore more worth the waiting. If you find a season of waiting has come to you then friend you are in good company. The Lord has many purposes for His seasons of “waiting” in our lives. The reasons may not be visible at present but when what is necessary is completed you will be so much the better for your season of wait. Faith is what waters a seed and expects,…doubt is neglectful and undermining. Let faith be the virtue that God works in you as you take today to seek Him.

Psalm 59:9 “Because of his strength will I wait upon thee: for God is my defence.”

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