Food for Thought….Too Many Things Are Wasting Our Time

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“Fixing our eyes upon Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.” Hebrews 12:2

We bought my son a tablet for Christmas.  He had been begging us for one, so we decided to buy him one under the agreement that he would only have a limited time on it every day.  I have seen kids who are so captivated by their electronic devices that they have forgotten that there is a world around them.  We were determined that our kids would not do that.  So we gave him a 30 minute limit on it everyday, and it needed to be after his school work was done, room was picked up, and behavior was good.  At first we were strict with this 30 minute rule, then he would be in the middle of a game so he would need a couple extra minutes to finish.  Then he would lose his game and asked if he could play another one to win.  Before long, this tablet began to consume more time than I ever thought it would.  He would get angry with this brothers if they interrupted his game time, and he would cry when it was time to put it away.  

So we went back to the strict 30 minute rule.  He introduced my husband and I to a new game on his tablet that he loved.  Before we knew it, we were captivated by this game.  My son downloaded it on my smart phone because he wanted me to try it, it sat on my phone unopened for a couple weeks until one day I was waiting in the car with the kids while my husband was in the store, my son asked to play it.  Within a couple days, we were having tournaments, after the kids would go to bed my husband and I would stay up playing it, my son would turn his tablet on first thing in the morning to check his progress before school.  

This all happened in a week.  I could see that instead of spending time reading and praying at night, we would quick run through our devotions and then check our game progress.  My husband and I have never been video game people.  So the fact that this was taking up so much of our time was frustrating us, yet we still did it.  

Recently, I read an article about end times Bible prophecy.  It was sobering. It talked about standing before God one day and giving an account for what we did while on earth.  Then someone said to me, “imagine what it would be like if all of these kids spent their time reading their Bibles instead of playing on their tablets, I bet things would be so different, wouldnt they?”  I immediately confessed to God that I was wasting so much time with things that have no eternal value. That night, I deleted the game from my phone.  The next morning, I talked to my son about things that consume our time and taking our eyes off of Jesus.  He agreed but just wanted to check his progress one more time.  When he did, his tablet asked to update, instead of clicking update he accidentally clicked uninstall and it deleted the game from his tablet as well. God did that 🙂 

You see ladies, maybe its not a video game for you.  Maybe its television, social media, shopping, or any other thing that distracts us from Jesus.  I never thought I would even play a stupid video game, let alone be hooked on one.  It all started by compromising our rule a little bit, then a little bit more.  Satan has a ploy to take our eyes off of our calling, off of God’s plans, and off of God.  Little by little these things consume our time.  They have no eternal value.  This life will soon be over, (sooner than we think) and we will stand before God.  The choices we make here affect our eternity. I pray that we would fix our eyes upon Jesus, that the things of this world would grow dim, that we would have no desire for anything except for Him.  Consume us Lord, and let everything that is wasting our time be eliminated. 

I want to stand before God with no regrets. Time is precious.  It is priceless.  You cannot get it back. Whats taking up your time? 


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