Food for thought….True ZEAL, do you have it?


I recently watched a very troubling video about Islam infiltrating the American culture.  Do you know why it has infiltrated America?  It is because Muslims are zealous and Americans are politically correct.  The video showed a very young muslim girl, and when I say young I mean just learning to talk.  Yet this little girl was asked questions about the Quran and she knew the answer to EVERY question.  Barely able to understand her, yet she knew what the Quran teaches.  She knew that Alla was her God, that Muhammad was his messenger, she knew that her religion refers to jews as dogs, she knew to hate them, and she knew that the Quran is where she learned all of this. 

My son Benjamin, he is two.  Probably the same age as that young girl was.  Do you think that he could quote scripture from the Bible like this girl quoted the Quran? Absolutely not! Not even close! MAYBE my 7 year old son could quote the Bible as well as that little girl quoted the Quran.  Do you know what that tells me? That tells me that her mother has more zeal than I have , that tells me that they are more passionate about their beliefs than I am.  Am I condoning Islam? Not at all. BUT, if only Christians had the zeal that these Muslims had, I believe America would be in a very different position that it is in.  I believe that America would not allow the murder of over a million babies each year.  I believe that the 95% rate of people that have sex before marriage would not be so.  I believe that America would not allow the marriage of homosexuals because the Bible defines it as a sin. I believe that America wouldn’t remove prayer from schools, courtrooms, and public buildings.  I believe America wouldn’t be required to take crosses out of our schools and universities.  America is no longer land of the free, it is the land of the politically correct.  And we will be judged by a righteous judge. 

Muslims are crashing planes into building because of their faith. Atheists are standing outside of religious buildings with fire in their eyes as they fight to have crosses removed.  Hindus offer their own children as a sacrifice to please their “god”.  Jehovah’s Witnesses faithfully go door to door to share their faith in hopes that they will earn a place in paradise. 

What do American Christians do?  I believe that our enemy have infiltrated America, I pray that our Savior would infiltrate the lives of Christians so that we would truly be zealous!!!

Watch the video below, Muslims are in America, they are rising, they are getting more religious freedom, and they are bold.  Would you stand up in a crowd like this muslim girl did for your faith?

Msa vs. professor video

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