Food for thought…Wake up American Christians

“My people perish for lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6

If any of you have had your heads buried in the sand for the past few weeks, let me give you a political update of what I am talking about….

Jonathan Gruber, the Obamacare architect who was involved with writing the affordable care act (aka Obamacare) called the American voters “stupid” more than once in a series of videos that were released.  He claimed that because of the stupidity of the American voters, the Affordable Care Act would be passed.  Basically stating that because we were just going with the flow, and not smart enough to question things, this bill would be passed.  Guess what? He was correct.  It passed.  Now this statement wouldn’t be so offensive had it not come from one of the architects of the plan such as Jonathan Gruber.  Now America is offended by this man.  He apologized over and over again.  Quite insincerely I must add.  Had he not been caught, there would have been no apology, so that to me is an insincere apology.  But lets move on….

I believe that America, wait maybe I need to clarify more…..I believe that CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA have fallen asleep.  I believe that this same principle of “the stupidity of America” is proving itself true in a lot of our current events.  Now, I am not going to jump into the touchy topic of politics, but do I think he is correct? No, I think he was wrong to call Americans stupid, and I think that the deceptive way that his plan was passed was immoral, but I do think that Americans are not paying attention.  We certainly have buried our heads in the sand as we let our “leaders” pass laws that remove prayer from schools, remove Christianity from our textbooks, remove crosses from our manger scenes.  Yet we allow children to be taught about a religion that is murdering Christians, we allow Budda, Allah, and any other god into any place in America because it is considered freedom of religion.  Except for Jesus.  Nope, He is not allowed anywhere, His very name could get you fired from your job if you mention it in the wrong context.  These are the laws that are being passed.  Why? Because like Jonathan Gruber said, the “stupidity of America” is going to be what causes the fall of America. We are sleeping! Politics. We cant change them.  It’s true.  But we mustn’t be naïve to what’s happening around us. We mustn’t go with the flow.

More than ever I see such a numbness to what’s going on around us.  Now is the time to be bold ladies.  Now is the time to use your voice.  Now is the time to be a light that shines in darkness.  Our redemption is drawing near, I don’t want to go with the flow.  I don’t want to blend in, and I certainly don’t want to be misled by a world that ruled by my adversary.  Wake up American Christians, maybe we aren’t stupid, be we have certainly fallen asleep!



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