Food for thought…we still hope


This was written by me dear friend Courtney 🙂

There are those who do not understand how we can have hope. They cannot grasp our faith because to them it seems “a pie in the sky hope”. It is because they do not know our Jesus that they cannot fathom such a peace.

The other day I was asked by someone “what is it that you have faith in?” Their face told their story. They’ve heard all about creeds, do’s and don’ts but they had not met the person of Jesus. I began to relay that the faith, hope , security, promise and life we have lay in the very person of Christ. I pray they come to grasp this vital truth. I cannot cling to a book of rules. There isn’t any hope in the law. It served only to show me how desperately I needed redemption. It proved my guilt. It sentenced and convicted me. But then the nail printed hands of Christ reached out and said “that one is mine. Come my daughter.” I live in this hope. I walk in this grace and I seek a blessed end.

So when you come to know Christ and seek His plans for you it’s only natural for you to lay down everything at His feet and say, “it’s all your Lord”.  Our earnest expectation, truly is far beyond this world. We seek and yearn for the time without end. Do not settle in and get comfortable here friends. You were never made to dwell here. You were made with eternity in your heart. That is the ache you feel.

Romans 1:17 “For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith.”

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